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October 31, 2005

Maximus Humanitus…

(Lolly's random ponderings…)

As did many other people, I settled down to watch Gladiator on TV last week. Some of the more gory violence, I simply couldn't watch and I also cried at the end when our good old hero dies. A few people have expressed their surprise at these facts…almost implying im a kind of emotionally weak individual! Heaven forbid!

But if one isn't going to cry at the death of a hero, reunited with his wife and child, killed in such a horrific manner, what is one to cry at? If one can't stand to watch humans being sliced up like meat, is that so strange?

This fundamental loss of humanity in us is echoed in so many contexts of today's society. People don't think about the real effects of hurling abuse at a stranger in the street, kicking the hell out of somebody, throwing a random insult…When did we stop considering others as human beings with feelings and forget the fact that others can feel pain…physically and emotionally…?

I know a film is just a film: a piece of art. But we all know how much the line between reality and art is extremely blurred and often indistingishable…art often reflects "life," we become involved, identify with pieces and find wider issues reflected therein…

Maybe crying at Maximus' death isn't so strange if we look a little deeper? And maybe people's reactions should be a warning to us all to reclaim the real humanity within us before it slips out of sight altogether…?

October 29, 2005

Its a wonderful life, the 7 wonders of life in Hobbiton (minus Elijah Wood he's moved to Sin City)

Hello people of Warwick University or elsewhere,

Tonigggggghhhhhhhht toniggggggghhhhhht wont be just any night, when all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, and weird men in a white van are outside ur dooooooor….

1.Men-who arent wankers, mutilated, or a lazy git.

2.Drink-coffee, tea, alcohol like half a cider, orange reef, double vodka and coke, double malibu and coke, and Lambrini…

3.Smoke-like a chimney and kill yourself for pleasure (we would like to add we do not endorse any type of inhalation, by non-smokers)

4.Drugs-take a trip once in your life (drugs can potentially ruin your life please be careful)

5.Petrol-go and have a sniff does it smell like smokey bacon Walkers crisps. Must be Esso.

6.Friends-always rely on those you can trust (dont shop your mates to the police)

7.Sin City-see it and you will feel like a good member of society (please be aware this film contains no violence what so ever, rated U)

Dont write or be philosophical about the wonders of life when you do not know yourself…..especially after being chatted up by a fresher.

What we do in life echoes in eternity…my name is maximus, decimus, Laurenus, Amyus, Emmus, student of the realm in Tile Hill, girls to a small bin, and a dirty kitchen…..

Try living in a bin its GRRRRRRRRRREAT!

PS I would like to take this opportunity to thank my two fabulous housemates love, hugs, kisses, and sycophantic bullshit…....

Rock and Roll Saves lives

October 27, 2005


our fotos are up for our classy do in honour of the shed's 21st!! woo, take a look!

October 24, 2005

Head of Shed

We had A WHALE OF A TIME at ed shed's 21st,

Got in a hummer,went to posh gaff, and got pissed in a club.

Thanks to the Head of Shed

The Hobbits

hey sexy lady…tpp b and all that jazz

Writing about Shed's 21st from Blog of Em

Hey sexy lady…thanx for ur comment…i had great time lastnite, was such a wonderful evening…YAY!! Been very good, attempting to do work all day today, despite my deadness (fab!) in order to venture out tomorrow nite!!

I still have a lot to do and am a little worse for wear (including the toe of death…still it torments me but will not fully die!!! oh woe!!) The O is def not coming tomoro as she has a million books to read by tuesday (good luck with that one then!) and dont think other em is!! But i may well dare to elope alone! Yeeha!!

Will blog u/text u tomorro my little canapes…thanks for lovely evening ken's…

All my love,

Lolly and the toe of death xx


hey all….andrew, not sure if we will be at good old top b tomoro to be honest…lot of work, generally dead etc.!! But maybe blondie hobbit will make an effort to go…brunetty has too much to do!! awww! so be on the look out just incase!
By the way mr simon young…saw ur comment on our "hobbit sexiness" on Laura's blog…why thanku….grateful kisses to u….
promise we will make another entry when we can stop being corpses after our hectic weekend (nice and attractive there!!)

ps. thanku to ken house…and mainly the shed…for a wonderful evening…u all heard bout it from the others, so bye for now my little spongepuddings….
mwah x

October 22, 2005

where were u fuckers?

where were u tonite….? :(

October 20, 2005


shout out to our third housemate em…woo! she is coolio and we are having a ball livin wiv u sugar…! here's to the year ahead and some more funky times! yeeha!

lv the other two tile hillers xx

our mate davey!

hey andrew, how r u?

very disappointed we havent managed to bump into u after a whole week of searching for our little insane mate…protector of the hobbits!! what can we tempt u put in our traps?

the heeby-jeeby hobs xx

controversial hobbits

Just a note to say…in response to a few self-righteous opinions from people being offended by our blog…

if you don't like the tone or content, simply do not come on here. Our entries are intended as a bit of lighthearted fun and humour (goodness knows we have enough serious, depressing influences upon us day in and day out) plus we also hope to provide a refreshing and original change from the normal stuff around or any self-indulgent spiel…

As a good friend of ours says, "everyone should be free to use their blog as they wish"...we agree, so please people, have some respect for ours too..and also, smile, lighten up, you can have a sense of humour to survive in this world today…!

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