November 15, 2005



Do you require women?

Who look like hobbits,

and live on a Hill,

Who take out the trash,

and do the cleaning,

Who analyse the world,

and provoke thought,

and like to do THIS in their spare time…................

Attend functions



Drop us a line- and leave your name and number and were be in touch. Thanks.

Please note our following requirements:
No wankers
No boring farts
or closet gays (its just not convenient)

Another addition to The Crazy World of Hobbiton

Bins on Fire, rolling down the road, like a rolling stone…what if god was one of us?

Loo-brush and The Oxxxxxxxxx

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  1. See the huge list of applicants ;)

    You have my name and number already… and you know how many of those requirements I already fail on. Oh and I'm an ex convict too.

    15 Nov 2005, 19:01

  2. Mmmm mmm, a definite thumbs up from me – and u didn't specify male or female applicants – but sumhow I don't think that I'm exactly wot ur lookin for ;-)

    Wot is wrong with the men in the World today?? Cannot u not see that ur drivin us 2 lesbianism…

    …ahha I think I have it – that is their plan…one woman not enough 4 u boys?U have 2 b greedy and have 2?!

    Well then have 2 hobbits – twice the conversation, twice the beauty,twice the craziness…twice the fun!!!

    Miss it, miss out

    23 Nov 2005, 16:22

  3. Miss Lisa Wood,

    You go girl, thanks for the compliments. You know what warwick boys miss out everytime, perhaps it is to do with the fact they're geedy mutha-fuckersr? just plain as-sexual?or dont fit the criteria above?There lack of life does make one wonder…...

    Come on boys, we challenge you.

    Maybe there scared?


    ps. Lisa is the hot chick in the suspenders, unmissable!

    23 Nov 2005, 20:59

  4. Comments like this do nothing to discourage boys from treating girls like sex objects you know… or maybe it's one rule for some and one rule for others. One thing's for sure – I'm not scared of you O :P


    24 Nov 2005, 08:25

  5. Fag

    Oooh fighting talk from Mr Hinds!!! Clearly he is yet to see the dark-side of the O…be afraid Chrissy boy, b VERY VERY afraid, mwahahaha!

    p.s. boys don't need ANY encouragement to treat girls like sex objects – it's in the genes don't u know??! ;-p

    24 Nov 2005, 17:35

  6. I dont think men need much encouragement when treating women like sex objects, because it is how heterosexual male hegemonic masculinity has been socially constructed. I would also like to add we have not simply displayed pictures of ourselves, but emphasised our personalities.

    Dont mess with feminists.Scared now? : p

    The shrew

    24 Nov 2005, 17:43


    Me fag ash were on here at the same time thinking the same thoughts. Oh Chris hasnt met the dark side of the moon yet.

    Side kick-O

    24 Nov 2005, 17:45

  8. Haha like I'm scared of O or You Fag :P I could take you both ;-)


    24 Nov 2005, 22:28

  9. they're mad and they're back… but we love them anyway.

    29 Mar 2006, 18:44

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