June 30, 2006

Two Sandwiches short of a picnic….......

Bombastic Brand wanabe….............

Sophisticated Russell Brand

Mrs Brand The rock god/victorian child catcher look is gona be a big hit this summer

At his best.....The Swine

You looking at me?Are you looking at me?


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  1. Mathew Mannion


    30 Jun 2006, 15:23

  2. Why would you like that weird looking thing?!

    01 Jul 2006, 00:43

  3. Russell Brand is a quirky Sex GOD, need i say more as to why he is an interesting character.

    My photo's keep going missing, do you know why this is Hinds brain?

    Victoria Beckham

    01 Jul 2006, 14:38

  4. I have no idea why your photos keep going missing but I can see them currently. Trust me you look a lot prettier as you are normally.

    02 Jul 2006, 12:36

  5. Baby Boo

    Since I wrote about my pictures going missing, they have remained placed on my blog–weird?!
    So you dont think the rock god/victorian child catcher look is going to be a hit this summer?


    02 Jul 2006, 13:09

  6. I would say not I'm afraid, but hey I've been wrong before, 1998 last I think…


    02 Jul 2006, 21:21

  7. Victorian child catcher fan and editor of Vogue!

    "The look will definitely be a summer smash hit!"
    Hey Fascist Fashionistas!
    Thought I'd check on the website – absolutely love the pictures Amy (a true Brand Obsessive) – made me smile even though have bad cold, but brought a tear to my eye as it reminds me of those crazy Tile Hill days (sob!). Very cool but slightly disturbing – 1) because you're dressed like Russell Brand (or the best clothing imitation I have seen by a woman!) and 2) because you must have asked one of your immediate family: "please photograph me as Russell Brand – yeah you know, the guy that had a one–night stand with Kate Moss and took crack cocaine…" Lol! As to Chris' comment after Lauren's blog entry: Rock on my crazy friends – enjoy the craziness – preserve the insanity yay!!! Do not question the insanity Chris!
    Had a great (but hot!) birthday and got beautiful pair of diamond earrings and far too much money for a spendaholic like me! Thanx for great pressie too – really meant a lot to me. After graduation on Friday (aargh) will try to set up a blog to put all my pictures on from this year – there are loads… Will keep checking blogs so talk soon.

    Missing you guys already! Embobina xxx

    11 Jul 2006, 19:20

  8. Embobina

    Btw – Amy that mess in your room is impressive – even for you!!! Luvin' it rock on! Get those weird new people out of Big Brother and Pete stop dying your hair! Who's on the Friday Night Project this week??? Twas fab last week – luvin' the Alan Carr… hobbit out. xxx

    11 Jul 2006, 19:24

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