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October 15, 2005


Many people i have spoken to, have expressed their dislike of Coventry as a venue for a night out, for various reasons such as, the calibre of people that frequent the many pleasure zones and the common idea that it's "a bit rough!"

I would like to point out the extreme courteousy of many of the people I have met on my nights out in Cov and inform everyone of how fantastically friendly these people are. They are down-to-earth, approachable, un-pretentious (we have a big fat issue with that one!) people, which is more than I can say for a lot of people I have encountered in various other places, imagined to be more refined, "less rough!" including I have to say, the union. I can recall numerous occasions where individuals are not just unfriendly but down-right rude and discourteous! These people, who claim to be of well-brought up backgrounds and place themselves above others, do not even possess basic manners, pushing you out the way, ignoring queues, banging into you without apologising..etc! Maybe they should stop being so self-righteous and take a leaf out of the books of these so-called "rough people" who represent what it really is to be a nice, respectable person in this country!


Follow-up to Update….....on our life from Lauren and Amy

what has my life come to when the only excitement i have to enjoy on a saturday evenin is watchin sharon osbourne and simon cowell stroke their sad egos!!? sat with the famous fat tom jones (it's not unusual) in attempt to spend my time usefully but to no avail….i may as well go be a man on a hill…..laters, the lollster x

ps. roll on top b…DRINK, FECK, GIRLS….

Update….....on our life

Follow-up to To be thanked from Lauren and Amy

Seeing as its friday it only mean an update of r exciting WEEK…..
MONDAY: had a piece of toast and a lecture went to bed
TUESDAY:msn and a trip to Sainsbury's
WEDNESDAY:msn and a trip to Sainsbury's, Lauren recycled the glass bottles and read the man on the hill Tom Jones. Amy danced like a chicken.
THURSDAY… fact enough of the bullshit no one cares not even us so all fuck off, man, and RECYCLE the glass.
FRIDAY: we got a life and left home…

To be thanked

Follow-up to Hello…fans of the loo and O from Lauren and Amy


Just to say being back at uni is wonderful….and i wish to thank everyone who helped me through that difficult year. I really appreciated all the text messages and letters, thanks amy h, amy o, emma, bea, shep, the fag, for ur lovely letters over last christmas, when i was stuck inside, sad and lonely….really made me smile and feel cared for.
great to be back and look forward to the year ahead with u all

lolly xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello…fans of the loo and O

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