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November 06, 2005

A marshmallow, a robber, and three wise….farmers

Remember, remember the 5th November, 2005

Bang, Bang he shot me down. Bang, bang, I hit the ground. My baby shot me down, down, down, down........._Marshmallow, robber, and farmers...... were the highlight of the spectacular firework display in Kenilworth. Having taken on various identities, and armed with umbrella's of mass destruction (just in case anyone should attack us for standing out from the crowd). We skipped along merrily to the fireworks, where the robber nearly died through exposure to slippy mud. The entrance greeted us with fudge but pink marshmallow, and robber resisted the temptation, how did we do that?I dont know it will remain a mystery....We had the usual bout of photos, then Head of Shed, and Somerset Stardust ran away to get some grub. Leaving Hinds Beans to nearly be attacked by a boy circulating a blue light. After a minor delay...we proceeded to listen to a number of movie sound tracks whilst watching fairy magic and big bangs. This included Apollo 13 (dramatic space shuttle image, going on there) 60 seconds and counting...._till kenilworth fireworks_, wallace and gromit(comical), and My heart will go on (thats a tad sad, what were they thinking? it was fireworks not a wedding).

We skipped, danced, and Jumped back for a natter at the ken house. Where the robber was thinking up scheme's of how to steal their new bar, so she could take it back to her Tile Hill gaff…unfortunatley an opportunity failed to present it self. Edam entered the gang with phone calls, glad to know the old girl is still the original party animal!!!!!Marshmallow had pie, Head of Shed controlled the T.V with a remote, Somerset stardust planned his next rollercoaster ride, whilst Hinds Beans looked upon in horror as the thought nearly gave him a heart attack!

The robber and two wise farmers went home.


your little brunette hobbit friendxxxxxxxxx

ps I would like to thank god….then hinds beans for the cd's, posters and lifts. Marshmallow and Head of Shed, for allowing me to stay in their house even though i always spill drinks like a two year old. Somerset Stardust….for being called siggy which is like David Bowie's 'ziggy stardust'.

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