July 26, 2006

Appreciation…..and french stuff (again)

just a quickie (oi oi!) to say finally got round to seeing ur entry on rome O – looks great, thanks for putting the pics up for me to see! Very amused by the ever–increasing style of wit implemented (as always, ur a natural me darlin!)
BUT…just one point….


THEY PLAYED BETTER THAN THOSE SKANKSTER GANGSTER ITALIANS (and now i must put up with the incessant whinging of me frenchy bloke forever more, amen! Hell fire!)

Off to old gay paris next tue (woo!) for a week, though after few days think moving to coast or mountains or somewhere after i have been escorted around the eiffel tower (oooh–er!) and the exciting attractions of the city! Then i am in crete five days after i get back…i know the whole internet will feel my absence like a hole in the head (cheers guys!) but do not fear, i shall return to save u from the brinks of suicide!

Until then, i am on here learning some of the old froggy language…though guess the old classic voulez vous…bla bla would be enough for me to get by on…

au revoir for now treacles,
love lady loo xxx

ps. very excited will be seeing the brand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell fire! (and brimstone!)

June 30, 2006

Two Sandwiches short of a picnic….......

Bombastic Brand wanabe….............

Sophisticated Russell Brand

Mrs Brand The rock god/victorian child catcher look is gona be a big hit this summer

At his best.....The Swine

You looking at me?Are you looking at me?


June 29, 2006

WHAT THE….? and a bit of french loving

WHAT the goddam hell is going on on this blog Sully? I have finally returned after years of wandering the planet pisshead to find complete havoc is being wreaked on our bloggy boo boo!

Am impressed with the Russell section – WOO! aww him and his dinkle! YES PLEASE!

I originally came on to say – oh cheers for adding the fotos darl – hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahHAHA! – ahem, to say, the end of the first era of tile hill house has been wondrousioso, cheers to me little hobbit housemates – do not fear, we shall rule again – mwahahaha – also to the kenbobs and other randoms we know, thanks for a great 3 years guys – well done on graduating (maybe there is hope for me too one day in the year 2051?) all the best for the future, miss you loads already (ok, i will stop before i get emotionally unstable for the 68 millionth time this week! hoping my normal cold–hearted bitch personality will return to dominate soon)

Em is leaving tomoro (SOB!) but it is OK, i have my parisian lover to keep me entertained (and what a show!) – (ok, sorry, i won't return to being the filthy cow i have been for the entire year!) and also a couple of poles moving in (as in poland not actual metal poles or the like – just to clarify for the thicko's) so it's all kicking off!

Me and Frenchy eloping up north this weekend for a final few days of l'amour before i must bid him au revoir (SOB, WEEP, DESPAIR – ok GET A GRIP) but will return with juicy updates (i know ya love em' boo! BOO!!!!) soon –

love to y'all, peace out

love mrs boros brand xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps. we must return to our original days of insanity boo! ciao

June 26, 2006

The God's of Channel Four

We LOVE The sex god that is Russell Brand….what more could you want from a skinny legged quirky comic HERO!

Sophisticated Russell Brand

At his best…...

At his best.....The Swine
'The Swine…..'

Watch The Friday night project…accompanied with two HUNKS!

Cute Alan Carr...Oh fank-youuuuuuuuuuu

Justin Lee Collins....Rock on
Rock ON! to the A–team

They are top class hotty totty with a sense of humour…..our dream men!!!!!!!!Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

June 21, 2006

Teenage Kicks…the youthful look

After pottering around birmingham with the Ken gang, my ex–kitchen 2 buddies….i returned back to the city of love along side Paris according to a newspaper, Coventry, in order to join my fellow housemates Em–bobina and Loo Brush. We decided to brave the pub quiz at the Newlands…....

I believe i have morphed into a 16 yr old rather than blossoming into a 21 yr old, because to my horror i was asked for ID….you may be thinking oh she must have been purchasing and alcoholic drink. Wrong–I got ID for a portion of chips, and diet coke!!!!!!The bar man said that as soon as i walked into the pub the manager pointed me out, well how rude!

We came second in the pub quiz–WHOAAAAAAAA

ps. does anyone read this blog anymore?



from the 2:1 babe and BO Dawn

This time i am serious this is important…........


Russel Brand…....big brothers big mouth

"The swine"

A really important notice….Must read!



Dodge Life…and science

Watch Dodge ball…......because it rules!

Cool Guy:"Just dont go crying to your mama when i spank you in front of all these people…."
Sad Loser Stiller:"Dont go crying to Daddy after I wipe it up with you're face"

Top B was amazing…but where was Bon Jovi?

The A–TEAM (Boo and Em–bobina)

watch the Friday Night Project, Justin and Alan RULE!

April 20, 2006

Our observations…....

Since arriving back at our gaff…....

The bird feeder has reduced in size.

The bin is never empty because it is the size of a pencil case.

The T.V is never off.

The alcohol always magically reappears.

The Royals look like horses minus the Queen.

Flash dance is not possible at Score.

Old people can be cool.

When drinking 'purple' in a hurry it can spill all over your face and clothes.

Being in your early twenties can be considered by the youth of today as 'over the hill' .

Leave the Union when the night is over, otherwise you will be kicked out.

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