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September 07, 2005

US of A

Summer has been ok. I hit America for 3 weeks, half in NY, half in DC.
The trip was cool but more difficult than i expected. The country was crazy hot and i was rushing round trying to do all the tourist stuff in one go which just knackered me out. Because of that i got quite moody at times. However the whole experience was definitely worth doing. I saw some cool stuff, empire state building, brooklyn bridge, all that, but mainly i can finally picture the city in my head, so when someone gives me a crossstreets i can think ok, this guy lives in the village or the upper east side or wherever.

One of the dopest things however has got to be Rocksteady Anniversary weekend. For those who dont know RSC are some of the original breakers. Im sitting there, me, in NYC at the fucking Cage in the village and whose sitting next to me…crazy legs! This will mean nothing to you if you dont have a little knowledge of hiphop/bboying/streetball, but trust me its a big deal. So anyways, i saw some dope and inspiring dancing, plus the winners got fat gold championshp belts, so everyones happy.

Massive NYC props must go to my brothers friend Oli who was out ther and kept me saying when i was feeling moody, as well as steering me towards some seriously high quality food and booze.

DC was cool. I stayed with my family there who were lovely people. Is nice when you discover new family, especially when they can put you up in their sweet house. This made doing the tourism thing a whole lot more comfortable. DCs a really nice city and im hoping to see more fo it in the future.

so all in all, US a good thing, and promising looking for my year abroad.

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