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April 14, 2006


Oh yeah….
still playing catch up, Art of War performed in the annual Tap Show 'Rendition' Was a really good event and despite having just come back from uni champs we put on a decent performance. Our theme was something to do with old school gangsters which arguably had bugger all to do with Juice, the film our song was taken from (all songs had to be taken from films and the performance somehow linked)

tap show us

Props to everyone, especially the beginnners who did their own routine to the theme from the 70s TV show SWAT, rocking their fresh new WBKD t shirts

tap show fresh

oh and if you check out the trailer for the dvd, its all me dancing ha ha ha i wasnt the best by a long shot but its still all me baby

April 13, 2006

Uni Champs!!

Haven't updated this blog for a while but cant fail to mention uni champs.

Art of War Crew made it to the semis!!! We beat Newcastle and Loughborough before losing to Leeds B. Twas an all Leeds final in fact. Massive jokes were had by all on the trip, which was my first visit to the lovely city of Newcastle. It is actually quite nice, trainer heaven on the main shopping street! Was great fun to rep with the guys and girls and i'll hope they'll do even better next year without me. Cant wait to get back to training now!

AOW @ Uni Champs 2

February 10, 2006

Hardskool 7th February

hardskool flyer

Last tuesday AOW headed up to Loughborough for the heavy monthly bboy night hardskool. While still something of a circus the night has been gaining a proper rep for the amount of bboys and real heads it manages to pull in. This last one was propably the best yet and loads of people were down showing love.

The format was 2 on 2s and Jez and Will repped AOW and Nate and Rich B2R. Both did pretty well, with Jez and Will beating Swifty and Rekognize in the first round then getting knocked out by some sick visiting turkish dudes. Nate and Rich narrowly lost to Joey D from PRS and some other bloke. I personally felt they won but JD and bloke went on to the final ultimately so they were a decent team. JD tried his trick of balancing his cap on his nose and Nate rinsed him with some deadeye western style shit by knocking it off with his beanie form about 6 feet away. The guys got the chance to throwdown again against the eventual winners, Mouse and Blend but Mouse was on dope form as usual and killed the beat.

I threwdown in the North v. South battle and copped some serious foul-mouthed abuse from the North for my shitness. Whatever, i deserved it but im gonna train my arse off before uni champs. There was also a DJ Leacy R.I.P tribute circle which was awesome, especially for The 2nd Lettah from Cali who locked his little nuts off. Damn i wanna lock, oh well something to learn next year in the home of funkstyles.

A fun night as always and glad that theres such a dope bboy night within an hours drive

January 31, 2006

OWW Party

Got to look back and give props to the rest of the hardcore of the Art of War aka. Jez, Ariane, Will and Craig, as much for surviving 14 hours of lockdown in the graduate club as for actually dancing. Of course Jez and Arianne just went home and Craig somehow took about 6 hours to get back from Loughborough so only me and Big Willy Style experienced the full horror.

The event was very badly organised in terms of rehearsals times unfortunately. I dont like to be critical of things when the aims are so noble but we were there from 11 till our perofrmance at midnight-ish and we didnt even rehearse once. Whats more some of the people running it were unreasonable and rude. All i'll say is in future it really does need to be better organised.

But….we were pretty good! The routine fucked up at the end which was a shame but we did OK. The stage was mad dark and there were loads of cameras flashing so it was pretty unnerving but fuck it, everybody loves breakdancers!

Props to all those involved on the dancing side of things though i have to say the opening dance was some bait borderline soft porn. I enjoy a good thrusting as much as the next man but save it for Sugar, not our university's most glorious celebration of the wonderful unity and cultural effervescence of this little planet we likes to call Earth. Wow, got a bit carried away there. Shame that more or less whatever culture people were representing it was still the same non-descript hip hop dance. Props though to Streetvibes who actually have a reason to hip hop dance and do it well. Also to those who dared to be a bit different like the Hindu society (big up Richi and Sunni) and the Japanese society. Also the cheerleaders, who were genuinely impressive with their pyramids. Oh shit and of course MJ, whichever monkey was working the spotlight for him couldnt quite ruin his genius.

laterrrrs, and look out for a rehash of the same routine at the Tap Show, march 4th

December 12, 2005

another website update

its so heavy now


check it

props to craig aka. Bboy Plus+ aka. the less attractive member of still fresh crew….probably the better bboy tho

AOW on road and on the floor

Art of War crew has been having some hectic travels in the last few weeks.

We went down to Battle of Britain in Brixton. There was some crazy solos action going down and the title went to Robbie from BTC who danced his arse off. There were some crazy battles from the ever enjoyable First Things Third, and the exceedingly dope and annoyingly young Psycho Styles. Art of the War on the road, though im doing my best not to follow Jez into central LT ever again.

Next on the agenda the AOW battle squad hit Luffbra for some uni battle action. We drew Reading aka. Campus Junk in the first round. They were pretty good dancers and i have to say i got kinda shook which was annoying. We got knocked out, but having seen the footage i really think it was a close one. Big fun was had by all tho, and me, craig, will, and jez repped in the north/ south battle which was dope. oh and mouse gave the crew props! Roll on uni champs cos i am gonna be training hard from now on, dont wanna fuck up again

November 03, 2005

Still Fresh!!!!

yeah we are. i look bent as a 9 bob note

October 15, 2005


Thursday night at wax on wax off saw the battle debut of the dopest new midlands crew on the scene,

the STILL FRESH crew, aka. myself and craig

we battled ariane and kris form art of war, narrowly taking a battle which saw evreyone produce some quality stuff. After that we met our match in the form of Uprock Addicts from Cardiff. These guys have been in it for about ten whereas me and craig have been down for maybe a year and a half, so it was no surprise we got smoked.

However, good clean fun was had by all and one half of the still fresh crew can be seen alongside the rest of Art of War, tonight at the Phoenix Club in Coventry for a new Deli night


October 06, 2005

website action

Follow-up to art of war crew hit the streets from Hip Hop and Sandwiches: Urban Specialists and AOW

oh, and check out the heavy new website, courtesy of it monkey craig,


art of war crew hit the streets

i hurt,

lots of breaking in the past few days. the legendary art of war crew has been coming out hard this term. avalanche on tuesday was dope, my footwork was less than tidy but busted my longest smoothest ever handspin. everyone else danced well, especially jez, and was dope to see Rob (Boogs) again.

Last night at Deli was a bit more so so, few people about so we had to keep pushing back our start time. warming up, cooling down, warming up again ra ra ra. in the end i wasnt really feeling it and my sets were sloppy which was irritating but fuck it we got paid so its shiny exec tshirts for all now. yey

lots of interest at the freshers fair, including quite a few people who've breaked before. exciting! role on monday and the first lesson of the year.

tonight however, after what will doubtless be a masterful edition of urban specialists, it'll definitely bed time for beer and bed!

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