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November 03, 2005

Still Fresh!!!!

yeah we are. i look bent as a 9 bob note

Dangerdoom – The Mouse and the Mask

dangerdoomDangerdoom – The Mouse and the Mask LP
Lex Records 2005

Getting into MF Doom can be a lengthy and expensive right of passage for the average hip-hop fan. He wears a mask, his rhymes are filled with obscure references and wordplay, and the man goes by many names. Daniel Dumile to the taxman but variously MF Doom, King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn. To get your hands on his back catalogue is gonna involve several hundred pounds and a tense month on ebay.
Lately though hes hooked up with DJ Dangermouse, the man behind last year’s dope indie hit ‘Ghetto Pop Life’, and produced an album that’s seemingly accessible and yours for a tenner down Fopp or HMV. The album features guest appearances from Talib Kweli, Ghostface, and even, unusually for Doom, an actual recognisable hook from Cee-Lo Green. Its all simple until the man starts shouting aqua teen hunger force. The album is filled with references to Adult Swim, a series of cartoons aimed at adults which are shown on tv in the States. If, like me, this doesn’t mean much to you, the album is certainly not ruined but on some tracks, and especially on the interludes, you can feel a little left out.
This review focuses on Doom, but the man Dangermouse’s stock is definitely rising. The beats on this album are unobtrusive and funky with a live feel to the instrumentation. They’re not as dense as on the ‘Ghetto Pop Life’ album but they’re not as random as the stuff you find on other Doom albums like his Madvillain project. They provide a nice backdrop for Doom’s voice and lyrics, which were always going to take centre stage. Still, the more you listen the more you appreciate the overall sound. The songs are short and the consistency of the beats helps to establish the record as an album rather than the series of one-liners it could have been.
Doom certainly drops plenty of randomness though, and this is particularly apparent when put next to the coherent rhymes of Kweli or even Ghostface, who’s not exactly known for staying on topic. Still this is where the fun comes from with Doom. Even if you never get to the bottom of every song there are plenty of throwaway lines where Doom’s unique vocab and phrasing have you looking for a rewind quicker than a young Craig David.

Highlights include,

perfect hair to the second power of forever

from the womb to the tomb get that ricotta

the truly random,

pelican with some very soft mangoes, closet full of skeletons and terry cloth kangols

And finally my favourite, the perfect flow of

trick a honey dip into a game of strip limbo

Few men could pull off a song called vats of urine. No clever metaphor here, the song is about vats of urine and includes the weirdly detailed but sweetly delivered line

someday you may even show your son how to use it to make potassium nitrate for gunpowder

And for those of you who are after a more familiar face from your childhood saturday mornings check the song ‘Space Ho’s’ for the line

Our next guest, a real cutey specimen, and she’s starting to get a little booty, Miss Judy Jetson, so Judy, boxers briefs or fig leafs? As you know I wear my boxers on my big hh-hmm

All in all, a quality effort that is likely to see some new fans converted to the masked man and the musical mouse. A good way to get into Doom and a jumping-off point for other releases like Vaudeville Villain and the more conventional but no less dope ‘Ghetto Pop Life’ from Dangermouse and Gemini.

reading week, sweet reading week and the interviews keep coming

back at home for reading week cold chilling in my comfortable house eating steak and ice cream. sorry to rub it in but after the amount of slugs we've been finding in my yard in Leam lately im loving this comfort thing.

so whatsup on the urban specialists tip. a few disruptions to the schedule of lately, mainly due to interviewing GRANDMASTER FLASH!!!
this was a big deal for me. took a while to sort out, including phone calls to new york from a phone box while pissheads booted in the door. scary!
but we got it, and it was a dope interview and a dope show. still in the process of editing it but it'll be on air very soon and tis definitely worth checking out.

on the interview front have just arranged an interview with dizzee rascal, yes thats right! Dizzee Rascal, Mr Dylan Mills himself. am v excited about this, hope it comes off smooth. next in my sights sway dasafo on thursday, your mine sonny.

as for the mighty art of war. we're in the process of organising a big old battle for the end of the year against loughborough and oxford and maybe reading, should be dope to battle some people of similiar standard. hope to be serving some fools in the near future.

so until the next time peace
and tune in

URBAN SPECIALISTS on RAW 1251 AM thursday 7 till 9

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