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October 15, 2005


Thursday night at wax on wax off saw the battle debut of the dopest new midlands crew on the scene,

the STILL FRESH crew, aka. myself and craig

we battled ariane and kris form art of war, narrowly taking a battle which saw evreyone produce some quality stuff. After that we met our match in the form of Uprock Addicts from Cardiff. These guys have been in it for about ten whereas me and craig have been down for maybe a year and a half, so it was no surprise we got smoked.

However, good clean fun was had by all and one half of the still fresh crew can be seen alongside the rest of Art of War, tonight at the Phoenix Club in Coventry for a new Deli night


1xtra's mistajam on RAW with your very own Urban Specialists

Anyone who listened to RAW last night will have heard myself and parimal, the legendary urban specialists, alongside other RAW hip hop heads Rahul, Steve and Neil, co-hosting a show with Mistajam from 1xtra.

Mistajam has a 2am til 6am slot on thursdays on 1xtra. An all round top bloke, the 'overweight champion of overnights' as he called himself. He came through with producer Ruby, and both were v.friendly and interesting when it came to radio careers advice. And i think anyone who listened will agree, the end product was a quality show.

also big repsect to mistajam for whipping out an advance promo copy of the new jehst!!

October 06, 2005

website action

Follow-up to art of war crew hit the streets from Hip Hop and Sandwiches: Urban Specialists and AOW

oh, and check out the heavy new website, courtesy of it monkey craig,


art of war crew hit the streets

i hurt,

lots of breaking in the past few days. the legendary art of war crew has been coming out hard this term. avalanche on tuesday was dope, my footwork was less than tidy but busted my longest smoothest ever handspin. everyone else danced well, especially jez, and was dope to see Rob (Boogs) again.

Last night at Deli was a bit more so so, few people about so we had to keep pushing back our start time. warming up, cooling down, warming up again ra ra ra. in the end i wasnt really feeling it and my sets were sloppy which was irritating but fuck it we got paid so its shiny exec tshirts for all now. yey

lots of interest at the freshers fair, including quite a few people who've breaked before. exciting! role on monday and the first lesson of the year.

tonight however, after what will doubtless be a masterful edition of urban specialists, it'll definitely bed time for beer and bed!

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