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February 10, 2006

1xtra work experience

I got work experience at 1xtra – v.pleased about this

Klashnekoff – Focus Mode

This is a review i did a while ago for but forgot to post, enjoy.

focus mode

Klashnekoff / DJ Skully Focus Mode (mixtape)

Focus Mode is the new release from Klashnekoff, the terra firma frontman responsible for one of the tightest UK albums in recent years, ‘The Sagas of Klashnekoff.’ Focus Mode is an independently released mixtape, hosted by DJ Skully. The wide availability of this album (HMV, Fopp etc.) reflects not only the increasing marketability of the UKs brightest stars, but also a move towards American style mainstream mixtapes allowing for top artists to release new material several times in a year.

Im usually not a mixtape man. I find the constant switching of tracks annoying and in my experience many mixtapes are a refuge for substandard beats and lyricism. Thankfully the tracks on Focus Mode are mostly quite long and definitely heavy. The CD brings together various white label releases that would otherwise be unavailable to a more mainstream audience. K’s ‘Jamrock Takeover’ rides the success of one of the summer’s biggest tunes. But its not pure coasting, he does add some dope verses of his own and his ragga tinged style is perfectly paired with the beat. The white label release of this tune has been changing hands for £50 and upwards on ebay so its nice to see it here.

Another standout track is the remix of Black Rose. Combining the original lyrics over a very different beat, Klashnekoff completely changes the vibe of what was already an amazing track and gets twice the use out of his tale of complicated young love. Son of Niyah is revisited more loosely, using a beautiful and thoroughly addictive Sizzla sample that is a compensation for some fairly shoddy lyricism.

‘My thoughts grow like herbs in wild fields of mango, while certain man are jankrow and flex like flamingo…im out the manor smoking a poisonous vegetable.’

Dropping the nature references like a hip hop David Attenborough doesn’t do it for me this time but trust me though, this sample will make you forgive all, and it’s rare that the lyrics grate on you as badly as that. ‘Let it Go’ has been a favourite of mine for a while. Unfortunately the version included on here is pretty short and anyone who has the chance should seek out the full version alongside a guest verse from Ty.

The CDs got a live feel and its perfect driving music. Its more about the beats than the lyrics but its no worse for that and its honestly not been out of my system since I got a hold of it. I recommend that anyone cop this, especially if like me, they’ve been itching for more tracks from K ever since they wore out their copy of the sagas.

Hardskool 7th February

hardskool flyer

Last tuesday AOW headed up to Loughborough for the heavy monthly bboy night hardskool. While still something of a circus the night has been gaining a proper rep for the amount of bboys and real heads it manages to pull in. This last one was propably the best yet and loads of people were down showing love.

The format was 2 on 2s and Jez and Will repped AOW and Nate and Rich B2R. Both did pretty well, with Jez and Will beating Swifty and Rekognize in the first round then getting knocked out by some sick visiting turkish dudes. Nate and Rich narrowly lost to Joey D from PRS and some other bloke. I personally felt they won but JD and bloke went on to the final ultimately so they were a decent team. JD tried his trick of balancing his cap on his nose and Nate rinsed him with some deadeye western style shit by knocking it off with his beanie form about 6 feet away. The guys got the chance to throwdown again against the eventual winners, Mouse and Blend but Mouse was on dope form as usual and killed the beat.

I threwdown in the North v. South battle and copped some serious foul-mouthed abuse from the North for my shitness. Whatever, i deserved it but im gonna train my arse off before uni champs. There was also a DJ Leacy R.I.P tribute circle which was awesome, especially for The 2nd Lettah from Cali who locked his little nuts off. Damn i wanna lock, oh well something to learn next year in the home of funkstyles.

A fun night as always and glad that theres such a dope bboy night within an hours drive

4th Front Crew on Urban Specialists

Last night the Urban Specialists hosted a guest DJ set and interview with 4th Front crew from Coventry featuring one half of The Stick Up Kids DJs. The music was dope and it was really nice to get some more local talent on the airwaves. The boys were promoting the gig they're putting on this sunday at the Colliseum in Coventry with none other than Prince Paul, former DJ of De La Soul, not too fucking shabby baby! Word is they'll also have Ugly Duckling down later in the year. Look out for these boys cos they're down for big things

Prince Paul flyer

Because of they're appearance we delayed the Jehst interview which will be broadcast next week for the last (Awwww!) week of RAW's spell on 87.7 FM, along with a new feature the brainchild of our Parimal called '6 Emcees of Separation' geddit? As always feel free to post any requests on here ahead of time

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