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January 31, 2006

OWW Party

Got to look back and give props to the rest of the hardcore of the Art of War aka. Jez, Ariane, Will and Craig, as much for surviving 14 hours of lockdown in the graduate club as for actually dancing. Of course Jez and Arianne just went home and Craig somehow took about 6 hours to get back from Loughborough so only me and Big Willy Style experienced the full horror.

The event was very badly organised in terms of rehearsals times unfortunately. I dont like to be critical of things when the aims are so noble but we were there from 11 till our perofrmance at midnight-ish and we didnt even rehearse once. Whats more some of the people running it were unreasonable and rude. All i'll say is in future it really does need to be better organised.

But….we were pretty good! The routine fucked up at the end which was a shame but we did OK. The stage was mad dark and there were loads of cameras flashing so it was pretty unnerving but fuck it, everybody loves breakdancers!

Props to all those involved on the dancing side of things though i have to say the opening dance was some bait borderline soft porn. I enjoy a good thrusting as much as the next man but save it for Sugar, not our university's most glorious celebration of the wonderful unity and cultural effervescence of this little planet we likes to call Earth. Wow, got a bit carried away there. Shame that more or less whatever culture people were representing it was still the same non-descript hip hop dance. Props though to Streetvibes who actually have a reason to hip hop dance and do it well. Also to those who dared to be a bit different like the Hindu society (big up Richi and Sunni) and the Japanese society. Also the cheerleaders, who were genuinely impressive with their pyramids. Oh shit and of course MJ, whichever monkey was working the spotlight for him couldnt quite ruin his genius.

laterrrrs, and look out for a rehash of the same routine at the Tap Show, march 4th

January 29, 2006

any questions?....

By the way, if anyone has any questions regarding the show, want to know what some dope track was, or want to put in a request for a tune for the next show, let me know here and i'll be pleased to answer them all



RAW 87.7 FM

Seeing as how this blog appears to be linked to RAWs members page i guess i'd better start updating it again so…...

its been a good week for the radio. RAW is now on 87.7 fm which is a good look. As a consequence though we've all got to step up our games (and step down our swearing….sorry!)

this past week we had a warwick 1st year called Deepak aka.Deep Impact in for an interview. He does some grimey style stuff and the boys got a pretty hevay mix tape. We played some of his tunes, had a chat, mighty fun was had by all. We had mad texts in from his mates too which was cool…and a load of my mates actually so that was safe as…check him out performing at the Law Ball, the Asian Ball and the Wherl Gig (big up Jack and Ed, who stuffed my team in the 5-a-side bastards!...oh well at least i can grow a beard)

next week we should have the boy Jehst in for some chat which will be another one of my personal heroes to cross off the list yey!


Turn on, Tune in and drop out…wait no!, turn on, tune in and send an ecouraging text. Laterrrrs

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