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December 29, 2005

Linguistic Improvements

Follow-up to Gap between Christmas and New Year from Riks blog

Right, thank you!
I will remember to twiddle my thumbs from now on!

Gap between Christmas and New Year

Hallo ihr da draußen!
Hope everyone had a good Chrsitmas and a Happy New Year (though the latter is still to come I believe). I'm still in Germany twisting my thumbs (not quite sure if this is a generally accepeted expression in English but it works more than fine in German so I thought I should give everyone an insight into the highly sufisticated German culture and linguistic possibilities!). Also, to be perfectly honest, I'm not really doing that anyway. In fact, I'm working on my applications for a summer internship whilst thinking about just twisting my thunmbs and watching TV. Apropos (French) TV, I watched the worst movie ever, ok is wasn't that bad, but it certainly won't be on my DVD wish list next year (neither will any other film due to the sad reality that such a list does not exists!). The film, by the way, is Narnia, for which we had to pay extra because of it's extensive length. Particular pity, since if I had been the cutter/director/producer I would have mamaged to make the film half as long without leaving out anything of the slightest improtance.
Oh well, have to go now to keep fit and go swimming (and eat "ne Pommes" [chips] afterwards).
Hope to see you all soon!

November 28, 2005


Es schneit!
Naja, ein wenig und es ist eigentlich eher nass!

November 21, 2005


Hallo alle zusammen!
It's time again for an exciting new entry! Since my life has been rather vivid recently there's loads I can actually inform you about.
First of all it's of course the pleasant visit of little Stu, which meant that I had the chance to go to the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham again and have some heavily overpriced Gluehwein and Bratrwurst. Good fun! And I think I actually started to like the taste of Gluehwein. Oh, but the highlight of the visit was obviously that I finally managed to execute Marie Antoinette with her "let them eat cake" card!!! Oh Herby, in case you're reading this, the game is callled Guillotine and really good fun to play (in case you are looking for a Christmas present for you to dump on other people), no it's a cool game.
Then I saw Steward Lee in the Atrs Centre yesterday. A comedian in decline as he called himself, which I do have to agree with. I mean not that I've actuallt even seen him in his height, but he was rather disappointing after a good start. The worst thing about it all, I suppose, was that I missed Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate factory because of that. Admittedly he isn't really that good looking (a bit white and slightly mad) in the film, but true soul relatives (Seelenverwandte) are able to see through all the make-up!!

Apart from that we apparently are currently facingthe coldest winter since 1960 or something. But, as you would expect, there's no snow anywhere, only frozen vegetation. Tztz. though it's quite sweet to see all these ducks walking across the water/ice rather than swimming in it. But that strangely enough reminds me somewhat of Jesus, which in turn makes me recollect some of the "jokes" I heard yesterday by the comedian in decline. Well, there were more comments than anything esle, since picturing him throwing up into Jesus' mouth isn't exactly funny, I'd rather describe it as slightly vomit causing itself and simply pointless. And I actually thought it was only his manager that lacked some manners while he was sitting on MY stewarding chair in the theatre though I explicitly told him that in case of an emergency that was my place to be (no I obviously didn't sine it would have been a lie anyway), but he was sitting on this chair nevertheless with his feet (plus shoes) on the chair in the row in front of him and using his mobile phone during the show! i'm sure comedian and manager get on magnificently, topping each other in thier rudeness! And if i may just point out, this opinion comes from a person that isn't exactly famous for her non-rude behaviour herself!
So, enough complains now. Guess I have to make up for not having been able to go to the SSLC meeting last week, where i would have had the chance ot get rid of all my troubles and complains.
So, hope everyone is enjoying her/his day! Oh, and as I'm concerned about everyone's well-being, please if you haven't done so already, buy a scarf and hat and maybe even gloves. There are too many people constantly being ill at the moment and to diseased to spend time with a lovely, caring friend!
Gute Besserung und alle Gute!

November 02, 2005

Trara der November, der ist da!

since I have done quite a bit of undergroud work recently, meaning, I haven't contacted a single soul, it is now time to me to march back in public or at least write something to say that I'm only half dead, yet.
Well, actually I have a huge time period of 5 mintes to spare, so I'm once more gonna exploit the limits of my typing skills.
Right, last week I was asked by a complete stranger about some more gossip, which considering that he didn't know any of my friends, can't have been to interesting for him. Plus, everyone who know's me will agree, I don't gossip, I analyse and reflect.
So, my last refelctions have mainly been about my career i suppose. Am still more than busy with all the application forms, because I decided to have some more reflactions this year and actually get active. (for anyone who know;s that my typing and spelling is carp, no I meant to write reflactions to get a little word joke in here!)

Oh, oh before I forget! Happy Birthday Richard! Don't know how old you're actually getting, but I am worshipping this special day! Probably with some drinks at thew BioSoc meeting tonight, so if anyone is interested (and near enough to be able to make it) varsity tonight!

And if I manage another free space of 10 minutes tonight I'll put up some pictures from my birthday. Some are actuallt quite nice. And thanks a lot to those who have written to me but who I haven't quite come back to, yet, it'll happen.
Admittedly I have been writing for longer than 5 minutes now, so I wish you all a nice and sunny day!
I still haven't figured out how the weather here works. i mean what is it about Britain that makes you freeze one day and as soon as you put on something warmer you feel like being in Nicaragua!?
Well, this reminds me of another thing. Thanks to my generous aunt Elli, I know have a sweet little sponsored child in Nicaragua, so if anyone happens to know some Spanish ans is willing to translate a letter in exchange for a drink maybe, please contact me! Oh, and I make it even more attractive, I will not only sponsor the drink, I will also be there as company! Thoug, I might make my presence optional, don't want to put anyone off!
Well, wish you a good day again! Study hard!
alles Gute

October 13, 2005

Me and You and Everyone we know

Me and You and Everyone we know
5 out of 5 stars
Ok, after my last humbled review I don't have much confidence that this one will be better, but still. It's such a good film that I simply can't leave it unnoticed. It really wouldn't do the film justice. If you happen to have seen the trailer and thought it was a bit odd, you were completetly right, but it's odd in a good way. It's an amazing film and to be honest I can't even say what exactly it was about. Just people I guess, but the characters were so unique and funny that it's more than just worth seeing it.
Right, that's enough enthusiasm now. I'm not usually this passionate about something so please go and support the Amercian economy a bit further!

LIPSoc blog

Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/lipsoc

Hallo, hallo,
Our always reliable LIPSoc Social Secretary Julia has just informed me that we are now the proud owners of a blog! To celebrate this great news I decided to mention it here, since I haven’t really been in much commentary use lately!
So, please go and have a look, though as far as I know there is no entry, yet, so maybe see this as a slightly early encouragement!
Alles Gute!

PS: link siehe oben!

October 03, 2005

Help, help! Urgent

Am very very desperate and this entry will probably not change a thing about it, but I've this more than great plan of going to London in two wees time (some up to date people might even know why) and spend a night dancing myself to a state of near exhaustion there. The only very very tiny problem with this is, that I don't really know where to go, since I happen to be rather picky with my music and would like to have something cool (*i.e. Reggae, Ragga, Drum'n'Bass)! *__So if anyone know's a kick-ass place to go for that don't hestitate to contact me!
Many thanks and best regrards!

Tag der Wiedervereinigung!

Guten Tag allerseites!
Heute ist ein wirklich feierwuerdiger Tag! Well, actually i should really write this in English, since as the Germans should know about it anyway! Because today is THE DAY, a truely fest-worthy day, where the whole of Germany (and maybe even the rest of the world) should be overhelmed with glee!
Though looking at the current situation (economical and political) a lot of people might disagree, but being a deep European believer and, we should all be happy and united supporter, I'm still delighted to be able to announce the now 15th (at least I think that it's the 15th) birthday of my humbled nation, our beloved federal republic!
Since, I have never celebrated this occation, I won't certainly do it this time, but I stilll thought that it's worth a mentioning on my blog. Plus if anyone needs an excuse to celebreate, here it is!
if anyone wants to write a birthday card or bake a cake for this event, feel free to invite (send it to) me!
Wish everyone an extraordinary pleasant day!

October 02, 2005

Wieder Warwick!

Writing about web page http://biology.uwcs.co.uk

Moi Moi!
I know that this actually means bye (Finish) but unfortunately in all this time I haven't managed to learn the Finish word for "hi", so I guess you will have to excuse this tiny language confusion. Maybe the Finns are like the French, Swiss, Italiens etc. and actually use this word for both purposes, who know's!
Anyay, after having received an exceptional high number of comments (3!) to my last entrance I decided that it must be time for a new one. So here it is!
As some people might have guessed or even known, I'm back at my favourite British university doing one of the most intersting subjects in the world, though this is only half true, because I can't really say that we've started, yet, really. It was mostly summarizing bits form last year, which i guess for many is quite heplful. It only gets really concerning, when the summary is again summariesed at the end of each lecture, making it truely unforgettable!
Oh well, leaves me more time for my societies, which brings me to my favourite topic at the moment and creates a perfect space to run some advertising! So please, everyone who happens to be in or come to Warwick, join _ LIPSoc _ and/ or BioSoc (if you happen to be such a cool biologist as me!). Should mabye say what these societies are doing, but i suppose that everyone who know's me know's everything about them already!
That reminds me that I have to send Emma another picture that she can stick on the BioSoc webpage, because the current one suggests that I'm at least 5 tons fat and am only moveable in an American lorry (or possibly even a truck) with a high power engine.
(i hope i have given everyone a reason to visit the page if it's only to comment on my astonishing beauty afterwards, maybe even in the forum on that page, just to fill it up a little! And I warn you, anyone who thinks he/she could say something consoling will be prosecuted!
Right, I need to return to my bedroom now, I don't think the expression "bedroom" has ever been more suitable to discribe the size of any room before!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and to all my German Studentenstarter:
Viel viel Glueck, hoffe, dass bei euch alles klappt pendeln/Hoersaal-finden etc! Wenn's was Interessantes ist, z.B. Medizin, komm ich vielleicht mal zum Gasthoeren vorbei! Danke uebrigens fuer die Kommentare (Angie und Anne)! habe uebrigens keine Antwort auf meine vermisste email bekommen, werder von Freu Boerger noch sonstwem. Tja, da muss ich wohl dann doch noch etwas verlorener klingen, aber so maennliche Geschichten sind aber auch immer schwierig!
Ach jam, Katha, falls du das hier irgendwann mal liesst! Danke fuer's Blumengiessen, ich wette, sie sind noch genauso gruen und bluetenlos wie immer, gut, dass ich nun bald einen Pflanzenkurs belegen werde, da werd ich dann alles wissen, oder zumindest warum eine Pflanze Wasser braucht!
Wie auch immer!
Nochmals alles Gute!

September 17, 2005


After having told half of Münster everything about my private life yesterday due to a little mistake with the "answer all button", I feel that I might as well tell the whole world about it, or at least anyone who can be bothered to have a look at my blog.
Unfortunately I have to admit that I'm not intending to repeat everything I've babbled about in my mail, it actually still makes my turn pink but what can you do.
Well, maybe some Amsterdam feedback instead. Really great city unless you despise sex and drugs, of course. In that case you should make sure that you never ever set a foot into the "older" city part. The only good thing is that if I ever decide to study in Amsterdam I won’t have any problems to fund my stay. Provided I don’t spend the money in the coffee shops next door. I think one day I’ll buy a house boat there. Have I actually mentioned that we wen camping there? On an island 20 min form the centre, very good location, though when I say island, the whole city is more water than land it seems. Quite nice as long as you don’t happen to have to sleep in a tent when Armageddon-thunderstorm is above your head that makes your hair go white and panic completely. But apparently I have just been irrational!!
With my Mum’s friend, who’s hospitality we relied on after the end of the world weather, we went to some typical Dutch bars, which in fact resembled very much the typical German karneval bars, though there were some significant differences. The stools, for example, are always made out if red leather and the tables have some carpetish-covers. The music sounded pretty much the same and I understood as much as I usually do with German karneval songs, makes you feel homesick really.
Well, that was Amsterdam. Now I’ll have to face my trip back to Warwick! And, of course, the general elections tomorrow. I could tell everyone who I’m gonna vote for now and at the same time make some advert for that specific party, which would encourage those who read this and like me to copy me!!! But then elections are supposed to be secret. Plus if you still don’t know my political position the you should really think about spending some more time with me again!!!!!

September 05, 2005


This is gonna be a very very short entry, because i'm sopposed to leave tomorrow and haven't even packed half of the stuff I decided to take with me. Though my rucksack is worryingly full already.
I went swimming with Dad Herbert today, which was really nice, especially since i discovered that I'm a very fast swimmer (all relative i guess). Oh no, I think I'm doing it again (oops I mean to quote a rather freaky pop queen). The thing is that i received complains from some of my clostest family members that like my usual generous nature I'm not saving up the nasty comments about them. So now, an official appology and i'll try to express my more positive views next time.
Something nice then: I'm really happy to be back home for some days, which is a rather stupid comment, since this was actually supposed to be my good-bye-I'm-leaving-for-Amsterdam-entry but never mind.
Oh, before I forget, big news: I GOT A NEW LAPTOP and i'm actually employing it already to wirte this entry (that's why it takes my about twice as long today). Already put some good old German music on it, of course, also something for the older generations (and Stu), but I think that Stu has most of the songs already.
Right, off to enjoy some holidays now! Amsterdam, and maybe I'll manage to pick up some Dutch this time and obviously see loads of Dutch people!!!! And swim in the Grachten!
Wish everybody some nice last couple of weeks and hope you don<#t forget to re-enrole!!
bye Amsterikam

August 25, 2005

"Der Schwarm" – Schwärmerisch

5 out of 5 stars
I decided that I should really write a review about books, just to show how well-read and intellectual I am.
So here's the first one. To all non-Germans maybe not the most well-known title or book. i don't know if it's been translated.
For all biologist the best book to read ever. Ok maybe not that essential, but definetly a lot of science stuff in it. And nearly all of the 1000 pages are worth reading, os nothing for people who "just want to take up a book".
Oh and the title isn't talking about a teenage hero, but the school of fish or whatever stupid name there is for a group of water-animals!
Oh, and it's written by Frank Schätzing.

Berlin, Regen ist ein Segen

I just finished work, correction I thought I had finished, when I found out that the data I’ve used is probably slightly wrong blablabla….At least I won’t get bored during my last three days here, though come to think about it, I can’t say that copy-paste in Excel is the most exciting thing ever.
Today, by the way, is a very important day, as it’s now definite that we’ll have general elections in Germany in Sep. It might be obvious to most people who I’m gonna vote for, but I really don’t know, since I don’t trust any party of getting us out of this slowly creeping ruin.
Jordi, thanks for your brilliant idea, I’ll give it a go. By the way, my Mum says hi. Thank you for the post card. She really loved it and is even more eager to meet you now that you have even two languages (if not three) to communicate. Thanks to you she learned the always useful ending “ish”!

My “soon becoming Super-Model friend Angie” is in Berlin, which is a great pleasure, especially as I got a Münster update, which unfortunately wasn’t as beneficial as don’t seem to have been a lot of changes recently. Time for me to come back I guess! Hope Angie will make it, because we’re gonna go to a Capuera (I really hope that’s how it’s spelled, but then by now everyone should have noticed that inventing spellings is one of my favourite hobbies) training tonight, which is this dance where you pretend to be fighting. Hopefully our coordination won’t be too bad, otherwise I fear that I’ll have to carry my suitcases home myself.
Oh, I haven’t actually informed anyone about my new hairstyle, yet. At least I had a really nice woman this time, who didn’t threaten to cut of my whole head to ensure that such horrible hair will never get the chance to grow again. Though I have to say that she used her scissors rather freely, but then I didn’t actually discourage her. I should really put up a picture before my hair is gonna get into its natural messy state again.
OhOhOh, very important. I finally managed to watch the video clip to “Die Eine 2005” and I think that his finance is actually quite good looking, maybe I should get some glasses or decide to wear them or the crew responsible for the make-up did a good job! But then it doesn’t really matter how she looks like anyway…
And Charlotte, as saving the world hasn’t proved to be working out quite yet, I took up another challenging mission in trying to invent an exciting life here. Hope you’re Museum’s doing well and hasn’t been the location of a popular Northern Irish event, yet!

August 19, 2005

End of the week!

Just a quick break form the new exciting work that I was asigned to. Consists of finding DNA traces on a gel, the very one I spent the previous weeks of my Praktikum developing. Highly challenging and eye-consuming. i'm wondering what effect this work will have on my eyes, either I'll become the best stalker in the world or I'll go half blind…
Plus, it doesn't help that I'm slighlty tired due to a strange encounter with a coffee machine last night. i was waiting for the S-Bahn, slightly bored, so decided to press a button on the coffee machine that was there, just to check how much it was. To my surprise, I received a cup of coffee for my deed. Thinking that someone must have put money into the machine and then forgot or didn't have time to collect his coffee i pressed the button again, just to see how much money I had saved. Well, i obviously got another cup and stood there stupidly with one cup in each hand,´looking for the security cameras that must have filmed me. Actually quite a cool thing as such, the only problem was, that it was midnight and not the best time for two cups of coffe and I mean i couldn't just throw them away, would have been a waste. hence, I didn't get too much sleep and actually wished that I'd tried out the hot chocolate button instead.

August 12, 2005

Energy in the Park

Something, I actually went to last week but obviously didn't have time to boost about my adventures and at least now I had some time to digest and talk about the highlights only instead of bubbling on about every thing that happened.
First of all, Energy in the Park is a concert, which like the name suggests takes place on the beach near the Wannsee. Tickets were free (a major reason why I went), though when I say free you are ment to paint for car or bike or body or whatever happens to come to your mind. At least, that's when I arrived at the Energy-headquatre, which by the way is a radio station here that I can't recomend. apparently to get two tickets you had to do something very very crazy, but after standing in front of the desk, the woman decided correctly that I was an extraordinary nice girl and just wrote "Energy in the Park" on along my arms. Happily I went home, till I realised that I hadn't got away that lightly, because it was hell to get the writing off again.
The concert for which Kiel Steffi joined me was brilliant though. Started of with a light breez to become a complete nightmare of rain, which helped to complete my summery feelings even more and made "Fettes Brot" nearly fall into the water (it was a swimming stage on the lake). Actually one of the guys from OPM jumped into the water. Respect! Strangely the Balck Eyed Peas managed to maintain there position on the stage, which considering the amount of jumping and effort they put into thier performance was a miracle. But then it had stopped pissing down for a while.
Oh, and the absolut highlight was "Die Frima", who not only sang "Die Eine 2005" but also brought her with them, so now I know what I'll have to do to make a HipHop-star write nice songs for me and obviously marry me. Though I have to say that in that case a rather change my taste in music.
It's quite amazing that the concert went on for about 7 or 8 hours and we were stading the whole time. I wasn't that tired though, mainly probably because I've been dancing the whole way through and kicking the girl behind me. Don't think she was to pleased about it, since when I turned round to her: "Am I kicking you the whole time?" she just gave me a rather mortalising look. Oh well.
Right, that was my weekend. The whole concert only cost me 90 cents, by the way, and that was for the toilet! Oh and, of course, the money for the soap that I needed to get the paint from my arms again…

August 04, 2005

Berlin, die Wonne an der Sonne

Guten Tag!
Just a few words for my little Laura all alone in Tanzania. I think you should try and teach them Völkerball, which is a great game as far as I can remember. You could teach me the rules afterwards.
Since my Mum decided to have an "alternative Chrsitmas" this year, which seems to involve sending me off to Tanzania, I might even be able to have a look at the whole country myself.

Tonight I'm gonna celebrate Laura's return to the cold North, which will involve Cocktails for the price of 2,50€! And if they'll be only an 8th as tasty as thier price I'll be more than content. And whilst I'm takling about Laura, I wish you a nice farwell and I was really happy that you stayed over at mine for a while. You can't imagine how seeing you snoring like a sleep depleted gerbil made me wide awake during the whole trip home on the bus!!
And if I was more conviced of the picture taking ability of my camera I might even be able to put up some pics form this pleasant city in Septembre.
The Praktikum's going better and better. i haven't done a major mistake today, yet. Any haven't fainted from smelling all these pig feaces. So all in all very successful. Plus i'm an expert now in determining 1 g of intestine contents without measuring them!! I'm sure this will become handy one day! The sad thing about this is that i have to admitt that that's mainly what i've been doing the past three days, with the help of scales, of course.

This weekend, I'll be visiting my friend Steffi, who my brother nicknamed "Hünin des Ostens" (and I have to admitt given my spelling abilities, I had to ask how to spell Hünin, which I would have spelled Hühnin, which, of course, would have sounded like hen, which is far from the truth to do her justice), possibly because of her height and the fact that she's from a rather less known area that is highly nature friendly in the former Eastern Part of Germany. So, I'm expecting an exciting adventure.

Oh, and less important, but still, I need to say hi to RobbieTobbie In Japan. If anyone thinks that it is possible to use a German mobile in japan, please, please, don't tell him, because i really need a new one. Oh and Robert, pllease don't dishonour us in actually becoming a Sumo Fighter, I know the figure runs in the family, but try.

And very lastly: Jordi I'll be waiting and waving for and at you at the airport or train station or whatever medium of transport you wish to prefer and hopefully take, if you tell when you'll be coming! Laura's highly disappointed, but i'll try and make up for it tonight in making as many hand gestures as possible.
have a good flight….
or stay whereever everyone is in this world!

PS: And I'm only wirting so muc, because yet again, I'm waiting for some gel to dry so I can send some DNA travelling across it. Biology really is a time consuming and patience testing business.

July 26, 2005

Endlich mal wieder geschafft

I have been planning to update my news for some time, but never actually managed, partly because I always forget how to access my blog. And to present myself in the right light, it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to make a new entry. But well, it's probably just a bad day. I mean i've already broken a machine today whilst trying to detect DNA on a gel. As i extracted the DNA myself it's not very likely that there's any present at all anyway, but we'll see. Anf for anyone who ignorant of my present location of preference, I'm in Berlin doing some work experience. And I think if I really manage to learn form all of my mistakes i should become a brilliant scientist.
Apart from this I'm preparing my room for Laura's (Finnish) arrival, who will exploit my endless goodwill of heart and settle down in my room in order to save money (and probably/hopefully drag meto quite a lot of parties).
I have the feeling that this is starting to become a letter already (the speed of my typing always amazes me). So, just a short appell to Jordi: If you decide to go to New Zealand, you'll happen to visit a much nicer country with much nicer weather and probably millions times nicer people, but you'll miss the chance to speak one of the most fantastic languages in the world (apart from Catalan), which would be a shame, because I really wanna leanr how to say 37 past 4 in Catalan or whatever you say in this random language!
Oh and Stuart, don't be too harsh to your summ school students, just remember how difficult it seems to be to get to work SOMETIMES.
Wish you all really nice holidays,
bis die Tage

April 14, 2005


Follow-up to hm from Riks blog

and I guess it should say me and not my


Follow-up to replay to complains from Riks blog

right the "replay" was my but that was a typing error