June 09, 2006

Apologies To All Little Tom Fanatics

I'm very sorry for not having posted for ages, it's just that Little Tom has had exams and not enough time to get wasted and do stupid things. However, he looks back on track as of yesterday. A giant group of us went to the Colosseum for Tanya's birthday and had a great night :). Little Tom, as ever, got very drunk and zombied out of the Colly just after 2am. Myself, Zoe, Zoe and Jodi had to get a taxi back with him and we all feared the £50 penalty that comes with taxi vomit. Jodi was especially worried because she was sat opposite the vomit danger zone. Luckily Little Tom made it back, dinner–in–tact, after much head lolling and swearing in my general direction. Looking forward to Skool Dayz – not gonna forget my camera this time….

May 30, 2006

Little Tom – modern day heart–throb?

You may be thinking this is a peculiar question to ask. How can the ingredients of drunken behaviour, vomit, incoherent speech and the inability to remain standing create a modern day heart–throb, a lothario, a smooth talker? The answer is… they don't. Yet the pictures below show that Little Tom has had his fair share of action during his time at university:

Little Tom working his charm


Colly loving, having a blast

So I say, well done, Little Tom, well done indeed.

Note: The first 2 pictures are from the same evening. The same fateful evening of the Elections' party, when he stacked it down the stairs outside the Union. Which reminds me, don't forget to vote for your all time favourite Little Tom moment!!

May 27, 2006

Tips for Tom

Yesterday, I came across an interesting book called 'The Worst–Case Scenario Survival Handbook: University' and read a section of it that I thought would be very useful for Little Tom to take note of:

How to Vomit Correctly:

1. Be Prepared
Vomiting may be preceded by sweating, nausea, gagging, increased saliva, or the sensation of swelling under the tongue (or a shot of Guinness.)

2. Move Quickly
Get to a quiet bathroom or a private area with an appropriate receptacle, such as a toilet, rubbish bin, or metal bowl. If outdoors, look for a secluded area behind trees or bushes. Avoid public spaces (like cashpoints.)

3. Remove Tie or Necklace (or bow–tie.)

4. Open Collar
Unbutton your shirt at least two buttons and pull the sides apart. If you are wearing a jumper, remove it completely, if time permits. Tie back long hair (or long beards.)

5. Relax
Do not resist.

6. Target a Destination
Vomit into the receptacle (not around it). If vomiting into a toilet, grip the sides for support. (Do not aim for walls or ceilings.)

7. Wait
The first bout of vomiting may not be the last. Wait several minutes to make sure you remain in control.

8. Clean Up (yes, clean up)
Wash your hands and face, rinse out your mouth, and brush your teeth (and scrub the corridor carpet/the entire surface area of the toilet room.)

9. Return to the Party
(Or not, if you can barely stand, and will be sat swaying on a chair with eyes closed.)

May 24, 2006

Achieving the Notoriety of the Mona Lisa…..

By request, here it is….

Rich and Little Tom

What a masterpiece.


May 23, 2006

A Little Poll for Little Tom

Time to vote for your all–time favourite Little Tom moment!!

Which has been your favourite Little Tom moment so far?

1) Little Tom's 19 shots on his birthday

2) The Little Tom Dance. Anytime, anywhere, to any song

3) When he was dancing at the Colosseum and stacked it on the stage

4) After the elections party, when he was very drunk, and stacked it down the stairs

5) When he was sick around the toilet, rather than in it

6) When he got wasted at Score and danced on the stage

7) When he had his Warwick Uni card confiscated for drunken behaviour

8) THAT photo with Rich in his doorway

9) The race with Mark in the snow when he fell over into a giant puddle

10) When he had a shot of Guinness and was then sick all over the corridor carpet

11) The 100m race with Rich and Mark when he stacked it.

Post your favourite Little Tom moment in the comments section and feel free to add any other moments that were also equally hilarious/legendary/etc…

May 22, 2006

Little Tom drinking

You've all heard the story of these student–types spending all their time at uni doing no work, and instead getting drunk, being sick, and getting thrown out of The University of Warwick's Students' Union for dancing on stage at Score and then trying to punch the security guard who's restraining you. OK, maybe the last example was specific to Little Tom, but let his legacy be a message to you all. Alcohol is bad. Very bad. It induces lewd behaviour, and in Little Tom's case, vomit all over and around the toilet.

Click here to see Little Tom consuming alcohol. There have been many other instances, just not all were caught on camera. The sound and image are a little off, but I'm not especially computer literate and I have no idea how to fix that problem.

The Ownage of Little Tom

Follow-up to Can never beat the Pain from Little Tom Got Owned

Click here for ownage

Can never beat the Pain


Have to say, I'm not really sure why I created this blog, because it is only going to pail in the existence of the Pain's fabulous blog. But then again, maybe I can use it to update the world on Little Tom's latest tragic event. According to Mark, it was the landslide loss Little Tom suffered at the hands of Rich and Mark in 13 games of Mario Kart. However, I think the last most tragic event in this poor young man's life was the last Score at the union. He came back wasted, covered in mud and coming across as incredibly scary to the extent that me and Tanya actually ran away. Plus he was apparently very abusive to the poor unsuspecting people of N Ground.

I think the only way to properly end this entry is with a photo, of Little Tom, just before the shot of Guinness which led him to spew all over the carpet in our corridor. Clearly the carpet was a far better receptical for vomit than the bucket placed right next to his chair.


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