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February 10, 2006


I Love My Home.

February 03, 2006

i think i feel a blog coming on…

i know i've not blogged for simply ages, and even longer than that if you're only counting interesting posts. I'm sorry. i woudl say i've had better things to do with my time, but that would be a lie. So i won't. I've been very tired lately, and definately not my usual self. Shitty glandular fever is very definately still in my system and causing chaos as normal. I think i've run out of sympathy though, which is fair enough, i've been ill since May. The problem is that i've run otu of sympathy with myself too. I'm so sick of being ill. And i'm so sick of it that i'm refusing to let it stop be doing things. Which is silly. I need to stop doing non-essential things or i'm going to end up doing my exams in september again, which is much more major this year cos it'll mean i'll miss summer graudation, plus my 21st birthday. My 20th was sacrificed to exams, i will not let my 21st go the same way. Damn it. I am very looking forward to reading week. A rest and a bit of TLC from my family will do me no end of good i'm sure. My mummy always makes things seem better, and never seems to run out of sympathy for my feeling tired. Robin will annoy me with his new drum kit, but i miss his annoying me, so its ok. And Daddy will just be daddy, all cuddly and filling me with food. I love home, and i love my family. I've just been looking at videos from several christmases ago and i really can't wait to go home. I would end this post by putting a photo of my family, but due to its disjointed nature, i neither have one of everyone, nor am entirely convinced as to who my 'family' includes. Instead, i shall dedicate this post to Robin, as one of my best friends as well as a really great little brother. Here is a school photo of him. I think its hilarious. Enjoy.

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