May 15, 2006

Really really lacking

ok ok so i've not blogged for ages and ages and ages and even my mother has noticed! So here's a blog. Just to fill you in since i last blogged….

I got all my assessed essays in, on time and within word limit.

Since then i've been out several times, had Tom up to visit, done sunbathing.

Oh, and also revision. Today was my first exam and it went ok. I got the exact questions that i wanted which was nice, although i'm not sure my answers were too hot (for which i have only myself to blame). I probably should/could have done more revision. Oh well, one down, next one on wednesday.

I'll try to get back into blogging after exams, but to be honest, i've been revising at the dining room table and i've not actually sat at my computer for ages!

Oh to all those doing Fascism; Sam and i went to see Peter Burnham (head of department) and he was lovely. He has said that our papers will be marked 'sympathetically' bearing in mind the disruption etc. We left feeling much reassured on that count. Bit stressed about the lack of marking full stop though. Oh well, can't do anything about it so i'm trying not to worry about it.

In continuing with my not worrying about anything theme… here's a happy, relaxing picture to calm everyone down.

Fluffy clouds


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  1. Love the picture hun, and well done for your first exam! Hope the next one goes well and you get the right questions there too. Good luck with revision and lets hope everything else exam wise sorts itself out now.

    Take care

    15 May 2006, 17:48

  2. Sam

    that is strangely calming…

    should be revising…doh!

    16 May 2006, 12:21

  3. Dont forget to take regular breaks to let your brain cool down :) I always find a few pints or shots help, though it was good to see you out last night, and as i mentioned i seem to revise better after a night out.

    Back to the grindstone i guess

    P.S. blog more often :P

    16 May 2006, 13:09

  4. I've changed my computer desktop to the photo, i just love it so much. It probably helps that i took it cos i'm clever! :–P Actually, it has to be quite good cos my daddy likes it so much its his computer desktop too!

    Sam – hows it going? I'm delving deep into generic fascism, I think i've got the first term nailed, which is strangely worrying!

    Phil – it was good to pop out for a bit, we should do that more often. In many ways i prefer pub trips to big fat nights out. I do have to confess that its a good job i wasn't really planning on doing work when i got in cos downing that glass of wine embarassingly had quite an effect on my balance centres! hangs head in lightweight shame. Still, i slept well!! Hope the revision is going well today; the girls are so dead they haven't managed to make it up from the sofa yet!
    p.s. i will try very hard to blog more often!

    16 May 2006, 18:17

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