March 20, 2006

Provisional Exam Timetable

Hi Folks, just in case anyone hasn't seen; the provisional exam timetable has been posted here link
My exams aren't too bad:
Mon 15th May 9.30am Issues in Political Theory

Wed 17th May 2.00pm Fascism and Nazism

Thurs 25th May 9.30am Ethnic Conflict

– 2.00pm – Sport

but definitely could be better. I'm a bit worried about how early they start, especially cos the assessed essays aren't in til 26th April, so that doesnt' give me long! Oh well, shit happens i guess. Anyways, just thought someone might be interested.

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  1. That's it?

    20 Mar 2006, 18:27

  2. I've got a wonderfully low number of exams (well, 5) nicely spread out this year between the 15th and 26th (which is nice, especially compared to last years 10 exams in 12 days hell [or whatever it was… it was something equally daft]). So I'm quite happy…. although all of mine are mornings, which is going to be fun coming in from Sydenham for :(

    20 Mar 2006, 18:34

  3. My exam time table:

    Monday 15th May PM - Engineering business management 1
    Wednesday 17th May AM - Precision Engineering and Microsystems
    Thursday 18th May AM - Design for Manufacture
    Monday 22nd May AM - Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems
    Wednesday 24th May PM - Renewable Energy Systems
    Friday 26th May PM - Energy Conservation
    Saturday 27th May AM - Advanced Fluid Dynamics
    Tuesday 30th May AM - Mathematical and Computational Modelling

    Early start and early finish, wish it wasn't prolonged out over two weeks though :-(

    20 Mar 2006, 18:35

  4. Wow Sig, that's a great timetable! Only EBM and AFD to desperately worry about there, by your standards. How many CATS are you on at the moment?

    Good luck Laura!

    20 Mar 2006, 23:40

  5. Yes Siggy, thats it. I do 4 modules and have an exam in each. The first two are 1.5 hours cos i'm doing essays, the second is 2 hours cos i'm also doing an essay and it likes to be different, and the last is 3 hours cos i'm not doing an essay. And then thats my degree over. Sniff.

    And Simon, thanks! I'm gonna need it!

    21 Mar 2006, 00:52

  6. Not sure as to exam length – most of mine are 3 hours I think, one or two are 2. I'm sure you'll be fine with yours, but good luck anyway :-)

    SiY – at this point in time, none of them worry me overly, but very few of them inspire me with confidence. I have a lot of learning to do for Mathematical & Comp, AFD, EBM, Precision, Dynamic Analysis and Design for Manufacture. The two renewables courses I think will be ok with some lighter revision (and 1.5 of those courses are Oram's), and most of the others should scrape by if I bother doing some revision this year! I'm on 150 CATS and that's the way it's staying; mathematically I need 56% before Seymour this year. I'm hoping for a good project mark which will ease the pressure somewhat, overall I think if I can maintain a solid pace over the next 2 and a bit months it'll be ok. I hope!

    21 Mar 2006, 11:17

  7. I'm done on 26th May it looks like, 135 Cats, 7 3hr exams and a requirement to average 73% or better to get the necessary grades for my own personal satisfaction. Or alternatively I need about 48% to get a 2.1, possibly a bit less.

    Good luck to all. It will be a success and there will be much applause in honour of the achievements of the last three to four years.


    22 Mar 2006, 23:46

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