April 10, 2006

Progress Report XII

Days Left: 17/45
Essays Completed: 2/3 - la la la la
Essays Started Researching: 0/1 remaining
Essays Started Writing: 0/1 remaining
Total Words Written: 4768 + 4926/15000 (9694/15000)
Target Number of Words Written By Close of Day: 5000/10000 remaining – ie. finish Issues essay.

Go Me!! 2 essays down, 1 to go!! :-D

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  1. Congratulations honey, you are now well ahead of me! I've done 500 words today though… so a start. And it's snowing here in Crawley. I'm looking up out of my bedroom window (roof window) to see snow falling towards me, very restful.

    10 Apr 2006, 00:34

  2. Hmm… I probably spend more time trying to understand all those statistic things than actually writing essays.

    Damn you for doing Issues as well. I'm saving that delight until last.

    10 Apr 2006, 09:44

  3. Sam

    Go you, me too! Fascism and Ethnic Conflict down, Issues to go. Positive discrimination anyone?! God knows how I'm gonna stretch my single argument to five thousand words, answers on a postcard please! you are probably ahead of me now but I wanted to come home for a couple of days to see Mum (finally). Hope the end is in sight for you now

    x x x x

    15 Apr 2006, 16:41

  4. Sam

    oh and while we are here….

    Opinions on subheadings anyone?!

    15 Apr 2006, 16:42

  5. Yeah, I'm using sub-headings.

    18 Apr 2006, 10:44

  6. I'm back at uni!!

    Chris H- enjoy the snow
    Chris D – i didn't find Issues too bad actually, surprisingly. Sorry for complicated statistics, they'll be pretty simple from now on.
    Sam – Hello Stranger! I hope you had a good time with your mum. I'm not using sub-headings, i hate them, but i did use them when i was writing a plan so i guess the essay has sub-headings, just not included in the text, if that makes sense?! See you tomorrow hun!?

    Ethnic conflict update to follow, although i missed one cos i did 500 odd words on sunday.

    18 Apr 2006, 17:20

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