March 29, 2006

Progress Report VII

Days Left: 28/45
Essays Completed: 1/3 - big news!!
Essays Started Researching: 1/2 remaining
Essays Started Writing: 0/2 remaining
Words Written: 4768/15000 – yes i know its gone down, i did my fiddling with conclusion+intro.
Target Number of Words Written By Close of Day: 5000/15000 ie. totally finish Fascism Essay!

Yay! I've done it! One down and only 2 to go. I've planned my Issues one so thats a start, and i did some reading for it in France so its not totally hopeless, but i really hope the next one doesn't take so long to write as this one did!!

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  1. Well done, have the evening off.

    29 Mar 2006, 23:03

  2. Days Left: 28
    Essays Completed: 0/1
    Essays Started Researching: 1/1 remaining
    Essays Started Writing: 1/1 remaining
    Words Written: 2956/15000 (somewhere between 12k-18k
    Target Number of Words Written By Close of Day: 4000/15000

    I shall now cry :'(
    Oh and for all those other people trying to do wonderfull essays, i will be putting two word counts on this one :). The standard word count and the word count + 1000wds/figure!

    01 Apr 2006, 11:51

  3. tomp

    How come your report numbers are in roman numerals?

    try base2: 0, 1, 10, 11, 100, 101 etc :)

    01 Apr 2006, 17:42

  4. My blog appears to have become the centre of all words assessed :-D Good Luck Everyone!!

    Phil, i'm sure you'll be fine, but make sure you keep me updated as to your progress! We can get through it together!!

    Chris, i'm not sure i want to hear how well you're doing! :-P But i'm still ahead of you in total words!

    And Tomp, i like Roman Numerals, i think they're pretty. Base 2 is far too complicated for someone like me. Also, i'm much more a words person than a numbers person and with Roman numerals, i can do numbers in letters!

    My prgress has been very slow this weekend, i've been seeing my daddy and wendy and thomas and doing practically no work at all! Oh well, i'm gonna get into bed and do some bed time reading so thats something.

    Take care and work hard all!

    01 Apr 2006, 23:37

  5. If I was being a real pedant, your entry number 4 should be IV not IIII… I'll post an entry on how well I'm (not) doing later today once I've actually written something.

    Take care sweetie

    03 Apr 2006, 11:58

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