June 04, 2006


I've decided to go MP3 rather than sticking with my CDs. So now i have to decide on an MP3 player. I know what i want and what i don't want and i've narrowed it down to the iPod 30GB with video playback, probably in white OR the Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB in either black or light blue. So people, which do i want????

ipod creative zen vision

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  1. Chris Hawley

    In my experience the Creative players are good, and I believe that they have more features than the iPods (FM radio etc).

    04 Jun 2006, 17:00

  2. I have an iPod mini and I love it – but I am very biased and think it was the best iPod cos it's made out of aluminium and it came in pink. iPods work fine with PCs, but iTunes is a bit rubbish and they tend to be quite temperamental – although if you get the apple care thing, you can bring it into the apple shop to be fixed if it needs to. I don't know how easy the creative players are to use, what the software is like, but I do know that the earphone socket bit wears down. Ooh…if you do get the ipod, don't use the earbud things because the sound on them sucks.

    04 Jun 2006, 17:03

  3. Creative all the way.

    04 Jun 2006, 17:13

  4. I would personally go with the iPod, firstly because iTunes is a superior player to Windows Media Player in terms of the load it places on your computer, the way it organises files and the way it rips CDs. The iTunes music store is the largest online music store there is currently, and the integration between iPod and computer is far better than that used by the Creative. Think of the iPod system as making sure everything matches. The Creative works by copying all the files across like you would in Windows, a more manual process.

    So yeah my vote is iPod.

    Oh and use AAC or Apple lossless not MP3 – much better quality.

    04 Jun 2006, 17:16

  5. Turn it into Apple–friendly format and you won't be able to use it with any other MP3 player in the future.

    I think.

    04 Jun 2006, 22:17

  6. Ok so i probably should have done a more in–depth post. Thankyou everyone for your comments though. I won't be using iTunes or Windows Media Player to play songs of the PC because i intend to get one of the little speaker sets so i'd use that instead. Accessories being readily available and compatible is a big pro in favour of the iPod. But I also have no intention of buying songs off the internet, so the main plus point of iTunes becomes redundant. I think Chris Doidge is right in that it makes everything incompatible and therefore i have absolutely no intention of converting the 6BG of music i already have as MP3 to any other format. Primarily because its much more universal as it is, secondly because i'm lazy and thirdly because i almost certainly wouldn't be able to hear the difference in sound quality. So another blow for Apple. Also a MP3 player that needs to be fixed all the time is not exactly what i was after, regardless of the ease with which it can be fixed! Basically, i think i'm leaning towards the creative one but i am held back by the lack of accessories… i also need to go into a shop and play with it, to see how it feels and what its actually like to use.

    04 Jun 2006, 22:54

  7. Michael S.

    I was in the same position about a month ago.

    I have no regrets about choosing the iPod (30gb), the menu system and the clickwheel thing make it so easy to use, and smple to find any song. Did i mention it looks bloody amazing as well??

    Only problems i found are, you need to buy a case, because it is pretty easy to scratch.

    Secondly, if you are going to skip through tracks fairly often, or use the backlight AT ALL, then the battery will only last you for about 8 hours, rather than the stated 14 (which is probably if you leave the backlight off, and never skip tracks)

    Still, 8hrs is still a decent stretch. I would recomment the iPPod

    05 Jun 2006, 00:15

  8. I'm pretty sure iPods can handle MP3s so you don't have to convert everything, you just have to make sure you choose the right options in iTunes

    Whichever one you choose, you're proably better off sticking with the MP3 format – more widely supported, and I'd be suprised if anyone could tell the difference between a lossless (and therefore larger) file, and a decent quality MP3

    05 Jun 2006, 02:34

  9. IPods can handle MP3s and if you are ripping music from CDs you can set the quality level so that you get excellent sound. I must admit to being a Luddite in terms of music technology but my iPod for $200 delivers music of no discernable difference in quality to my £3000 sterao system at home – so I am converting to iPod with an iHome!

    05 Jun 2006, 06:49

  10. The creative is physically bigger I think but it does have a FM radio, a better screen and if you plan to use the video functions then its compatibility is much better than the ipod. However the creative is more expensive than the ipod and the interface isn't as good as the ipod whose clickwheel and menu system is a fantastic piece of design. However these are all fairly minor differences, you'd probably do well to go to a shop and have a feel of both.

    05 Jun 2006, 07:43

  11. I'd go for an iPod (well actually, a blue 6gb mini :–)

    Personally that's because I always used to go for the "better" option with techy things, but found out the hard way that these are generally harder to repair or replace when things go wrong a few years down the line. So, what with the iPods 8536 billion customers, I figured getting spares wouldn't be too difficult.

    Its not such a bad player, either.

    05 Jun 2006, 08:45

  12. Apple iPod owners love their sleek machines. That's when they work. When they don't, they enter a twilight world where they discover their prized music player is considered by its manufacturer as nothing more than a throwaway item…..


    05 Jun 2006, 09:57

  13. iPods do handle MP3, that's not an issue, nor are you forced to use Apple Lossless, it's just one of those things I have a bee in my bonnet about because of the sound stuff.

    128k MP3 – the vogon poetry of the music world

    05 Jun 2006, 10:40

  14. Sorry i wasn't very clear, i know iPods work with MP3s, it'd be a pretty shocking 'MP3 Player' if it didn't! D'oh! I was just saying how i wasn't going to adopt chris' suggestion of converting my MP3s. He's a soundy, he can tell the difference, but seriously, they are a breed all of their own and theres no way most people could. Thanks for all the comments so far, the tide definitely seems to be in favour of the iPod. Barnaby, if you look on Amazon yesterday, the iPod and the creative are exactly the same price, so no probs on that front. I've been to the Apple store on Oxford Street and spent about half an hour playing on i–pods of all kinds, so i've just got to get to a shop that sells the creative one now to have a feel of that. But i'm still torn:
    Ipod Pros: accessories. clickwheel. pretty
    ipod cons: doesnt sound reliable. shortish battery life. wary of itunes
    creative pros: radio. built like a brick and so v relaible
    creative cons: few accessories. not too pretty.
    oooh its a tough one!!

    05 Jun 2006, 13:07

  15. James

    Hey Laura,

    I'm back and saw this so thought I should comment really :).

    As you know I love my iPod – had it for a year and a half with no probs. Ok so the battery isn't amazing but its perfectly good for everyday use. Also you can buy an external battery pack if you are going on a very long flight etc. The general problems stated about iPods relate to the nano because of its stupidly small size and not the video. There are loads of accessories that you just can't for other players and apple is a great company that keeps releasing new product for it and also new firmware. I don't understand the problems with iTunes personally. I think iTunes is far, far, far….far superior to media player (not just because it isn't made by Microsoft :P). ITunes will convert just about any song format into mp3 or aac and the music store is very easy to use (I'm sure you will use it eventually). Also it burns CDs perfectly and of course produces the inserts (as you have seen me regularly print).

    People who have bought the creative player love it too. But overall the iPod is superior. If you don't believe me then read these reviews from a very respectable gadget magazine:

    Ipod and creative

    Oh and apple are improving their customer service and also the reason you hear so many of these stories is because they sell so many and are so popular – creative players probably have the same problems but the media choose not to report them.

    Put simply you won't regret buying either but the iPod is superior overall.

    Phew – hope that helps!

    See you in a bit.

    05 Jun 2006, 14:55

  16. I personally don't mind 128kbps mp3, although you might notice with a decent set of headphones. Also, converting your MP3s to another format can't possibly improve sound quality as the the quality has already been lost.

    My experience with MP3 players in general is that players other than the iPod are not as well known and/or not as stylish. The upshot is that they usually compensate for this with a lower price tag, or being technically superior.

    05 Jun 2006, 16:14

  17. Also you may be able to save money off the Apple using the online store from on campus – this can save you up to 12% off list price. I haven't compared what Amazon and Apple are selling the same thing for though, so it may not be that much


    05 Jun 2006, 19:59

  18. Get the Creative! It comes in lovely lovely colours. That's my main argument. It's all about the colour. Oh, and I've listened to my bf's zen which is very nice but I still can't afford one, which is a bit pants. The Zen Vision M does seem to have some excellent features, although the ipod has better accessories. I think you'd be happy with either.

    06 Jun 2006, 09:44

  19. tomp

    If you would prefer not tying yourself into a proprietary technology and becoming an Apple whore then the best option is the creative. They appear as a standard removable device on your PC and so will work without any extra software.

    06 Jun 2006, 19:47

  20. Yay, James has commented on my blog! I feel honoured!! I knew you'd go for ipod but you make a good point about the sheer number of ipods, hence why you always hear of them not being reliable.
    Lucy – a girl after my own heart! It is all about the colours! And i also think you summed the whole thing up in one line: i'd be happy with either!
    Tomp – yay for you commenting on my blog too! I was expecting you to be a creative person, and i think you're my biggest influencing opinion in being anti–itunes etc and having to use it to talk to the ipod with no external hard drive capabilities. But i'm not so bothered as you as having random softwear on my pc, so would it actually be a problem for me? Ooo its a tough one. But for now, i'm off to play in our paddling pool!!

    06 Jun 2006, 20:44

  21. Ames

    Now listen to your good friend.. i'd go with the Creative, it'd be much better suited to your lifestyle and also more reliable!

    i have an ipod, i love it theres no denying it but it gets my goat sometimes! and the battery life is shocking on it.

    also: nippy little feature: with the creative you can plug it in and play music while you are charging it with what comes in the box. alternatively you can waste £20 and do the same with an ipod.

    also creative: radio and a good one at that. it also clicks and has really pretty lights. my workmate has one and it's so much easier to search through it too. you can scroll through the letters of the alpphabt rather than scrolling through all the artists: pain in the arse!

    also: don't become an apple whore.. i had to wash myself at least 20 times after i got mine.. it was a present so i'm not complaining!

    if you don't like itunes don't get an ipod! unless you can work the plugin in winamp of course!

    so theres my potted verdict.. probably doesn't make sense, but hey what do i know i've only got one leg!

    love you xx

    08 Jun 2006, 22:07

  22. Oh Squiggle i do love you so much!! :–D You made me laugh lots – only got one leg! Technically you've got one leg plus two bits of leg. Tis interesting that you go for creative, as it was you who took me to the Apple store, you little Apple Whore! I need to go play but you know me well, i am tempted by the pretty lights!! You talk a lotta sense chickpea. Love you lots!

    09 Jun 2006, 16:31

  23. Ames

    Haha, glad to hear it babes! and less broadcasting the fact i'm an apple whore ok? you'll make me look bad!

    check it out! www.amystringer.co.uk

    everyone come to my birthday thing!

    18 Jun 2006, 10:22

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