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March 29, 2006

Progress Report VII

Days Left: 28/45
Essays Completed: 1/3 - big news!!
Essays Started Researching: 1/2 remaining
Essays Started Writing: 0/2 remaining
Words Written: 4768/15000 – yes i know its gone down, i did my fiddling with conclusion+intro.
Target Number of Words Written By Close of Day: 5000/15000 ie. totally finish Fascism Essay!

Yay! I've done it! One down and only 2 to go. I've planned my Issues one so thats a start, and i did some reading for it in France so its not totally hopeless, but i really hope the next one doesn't take so long to write as this one did!!

Progress Report VI

Days Left: 29/45 – oh dear its gone down a lot from last time!
Essays Completed: 0/3 – but very nearly!
Essays Started Researching: 2/3
Essays Started Writing: 1/3
Words Written: 4773/15000
Target Number of Words Written By Close of Day: 5000/15000 – ie. finish Fascism Essay!

Its not quite there, but its very nearly there! I've done my titivating i think. I've sorted my bibliography and made it look pretty. I've done as much as i can to make the essay make sense. I just need to put the finishing touches to my conclusion and look a maybe re-wording my intro and then i'm done. Yipee. And now i'm going to bed because i've got a headache.

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