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September 29, 2005


Apologies to Liberty Park – you didn't eat my TV licence. It just took you 6 days to get it from the post bag into my letter box.

However, for all budding mathematicians, here is a sum that doesn't work:

500 students, 8 washing machines, 2 out of order does not equal happy Laura who wants to wash her clothes!

Oh, and any ideas of a flat warming are out – maximum of 2 guests at any time of the week or weekend. And the security guard stands at the door to check – sorry

September 28, 2005

Here we go again

This is probably going to be rather a long entry as I have been home alone since 2pm this afternoon and have done all the work I can. Also, my computer won't allow me to watch the Tour DVD and so I am sitting here listening to The Soundtrack waiting for a sensible time to go to bed!

Update on Liberty Park = o.k. Commuting is a pain, but it is for all 2nd years upwards so not really grounds for complaint. I have a new computer chair on order (good job really as it fell to pieces on me this morning!) I have also been issued a post box key, but am yet to receive the illusive TV licence. Beyond that, I haven't met any neighbours but there again I didn't think I would as the four rooms on this floor in this block are all the same as mine – inclusive kitchen and bathroom.

Update on course = what did I really expect?! Analysis 3 lived up to expectations in the first lecture, so the other 29 will be fun. I have a busy term what with 20 hours a week currently. But it will all be worth it in the end. And it also means that I can see people and prove that the world hasn't ended without telling me!

Update on music = Symphony Orchestra last night was very good. The Hoe-Down by Copland is excellent as is the Can-Can. I liked all the pieces really despite the fact that they are really a challenge to play! When will composers learn that flutes have real issues with quick notes in the top octave?


  • Friday evening @ 6pm in the Butterworth Hall (within Warwick Arts Centre) = First Wind Orchestra rehearsal of the term. We shall be playing a range of pieces including Music from Chicago, Irish Tune from County Derry, Music from the Incredibles…

  • Monday/Tuesday of week 2 = Societies Fair where you can sign up to be in any of the many musical societies (and many other societies as well, just show I don't too much bias towards music!)

  • Tuesday of week 2 (4th October) = FREE Concert in the Butterworth Hall at 7pm. Performances by the University of Warwick's Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and Wind Orchestra

  • Wednesday of week 2 = first flute (2.30–3.30) and clarinet (3.30–4.30) choir rehearsals of the term in the Band Room. All standards welcome.

(Well, surely I can do a small amount of advertising, I am on the exec for Wind Orchestra when all said and done!)

Right, enough of my waffle. Can I just say that if you have made it this far, you deserve a pat on the back!

More to follow – probably on Sunday when again I will find myself in my newly decorated room with only my friends Babe and Patch to talk to. It's just a shame that they can't talk back!

September 22, 2005

Liberty Park, take 2

Follow-up to A minor whinge from Laura's blog

I went to my room again yesterday and despite the fact that the management team haven't done any of the jobs on the list that I gave them, it looks quite good.

They have agreed to give me a new office chair and have allowed me to paint the walls of the bathroom. They have also given me some 1001 to allow me to clean the chairs in the room.

In responce to the comments made the other day, pins go into the notice board just fine. The walls may be thin, but there is no bedroom on one side of me and there is no floor above me, so the noise from other people will be managable. As to hot water availability, we shall wait and see once more.

I move in officially on Saturday and I have a free Sunday as my parents are no longer coming to see me after church.

See you all soon.

September 15, 2005

A minor whinge

Anyone that knows me or my room at home or in Lakeside, knows that I am a bit fussy when it comes to organisation and tidiness. I also believe that this spreads to clealiness. I must point out, that my mum is A LOT more fussy than I am about these things.

Tuesday 13th September 2005: I have been allowed special permission to move into my room at Liberty Park early and boy am I glad I have. Mum and I walked into my room (5th floor, 80 stairs up, however we have now found a lift!) and saw a very dusty, very worn room overlooking the vets with the dulcet tones of many trains close by. It was made all the more amusing by the fact that the final comment of the deputy manager was, "it is spotless for you."

Only mildly disturbed by this, Mum and I set about hoovering, damp dusting, polishing etc the room. I had been given an inventory upon arrival to fill in with regards to condition of the room so that when they come for one of the tri-annual inspections they can check whether or not I have destroyed their room. Oh, a point on the inspections, if I am not there when they come to inspect the room then I get charged as well as being charged for putting my rubbish in a white bin bag, not a black one…

Anyway, back to the point. I filled in the inventory in a very descriptive way e.g. BATHROOM WALLS = in need of paint; OFFICE CHAIR = faded, pulled, no padding and full of holes. When I returned the list to reception they glanced through and said, "that's fine."

I await wednesday with anticipation to see whether they have done anything about the 101 comments I made.

On a more positivie note for Liberty Park. The security is very good, there is a lift and my room could and will be quite nice with a bit more work.

Hopefully people's comments about Liberty Park will be proven wrong. I wait to see!

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