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January 31, 2006

An attempt to do less work

Good morning all,

In a bid to do slightly less work, I am writing a blog entry! I have also completed a killer Sudoku as well. Why I couldn't just have set the alarm for later I am not sure, but nevermind – lesson learnt!!

The problem with blogging is that you actually have to have something to say, and it would appear that I don't!!

In semi-exciting news (for some that will understand!), Thatz came to WO last night, and sat in the flute section for the first half and in the euphonium section for the second. He is also going to the ball and has recently been on a trip to London. I'm not sure all this excitement is good for such a young badger!!

Having now bored you all rigid, I shall return to my metric spaces assignments!! (and, yes, before you ask, they are non-assessed and hence do not need to be completed!)

January 18, 2006

Beach Party

I haven't written a blog entry in a while, possibly because I don't have anything exciting to say, possibly because I am a bit busy currently!

Anyway, this evening deserves an entry. Lu will be my witness to this should it be necessary. The car park at Liberty Park has become the place for a beach party. Hence, at the moment, there are in excess of 20 people dressed in rubber rings, shorts, tshirts etc, dancing to loud music and drinking copious amount of alcohol outside my window. What fun!

The reason for this entry? To complain? No. To fill time until the music and the screaming stops and I can go to bed!

Sleep well all,


January 03, 2006

A word of warning!

I hope that you all had a good Christmas and holiday. Happy New Year to those of you I have not already spoken to you!

I feel it necessary to explain the following however revolting, as a word of warning to prevent anyone experiencing the same as I did! Before Christmas, Mum kindly offered to buy food for me for this term and put it in my freezer so that it was here when I moved back in. What a lovely gesture, saved me having to buy it and had the added bonus of Mum buying better the Tesco Value items.

What therefore is my word of warning? Always check whether the power is going to be turned off to your 'fridge and freezer if you are going away for over a fortnight. You will be in for a nasty surprise if the powers goes off, I can assure you!

Never before have I seen or smelt anything as disgusting as I did when I opened my freezer after 2.5 weeks without power. I won't go into any detail as it was utterly revolting, but suffice it to say, i hope I never have to see or smell anything as bad, ever again.

See you all soon.

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