May 16, 2006

My parcel

Yesterday, when I came back to Liberty after Wind Orchestra, I found that they have rearranged reception and now have the post boxes in the main corridor to all the blocks (which also happens to be the thinnest corridor here, but nevermind!)

Anyway, I found my post box and in it, I found a parcel – yay, I like parcels! It was from a friend back at home. Now, had I the technological ability to take a photo and upload or scan the contents of the parcel I would. Instead you will have to suffice with a description:

It is a 'fridge magnet with a photograph of a pigeon sitting on the top of a stone statue of a female. The quote to the side of the picture reads – "Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue."

It made me smile a lot, as it is so true! Hope that makes you smile, even if it is just a tempory feature!

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  1. Lucy Griffiths

    I've had that quote on my whiteboard for the last month! It's an excellent one.

    At the moment the whiteboard reads:
    Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.

    If condfusion is the first step to knowledge then I must be a genius

    and finally:

    All I wasnt is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power.

    I love my whiteboard.

    17 May 2006, 11:37

  2. Lucy Griffiths

    That should be 'confusion'...I clearly can't touch type and look at whiteboards as well as I thought I could.


    17 May 2006, 11:38

  3. My favourite saying of the moment is 'a mathematician is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there'. It's reassuring to know that it isn't just me…

    19 May 2006, 16:48

  4. Isnt that quote referring to Schroeder's cat Caroline? I could just be making that up..
    but Laura it was my turn to get a parcel today.. 30 piccies. yayness. well ok so i ordered them and had to pay for them but i was expecting them to arrive on friday, not today so they still made me happy.
    ah the simple joys in life.

    23 May 2006, 16:41

  5. Luna, the quote is by Charles Darwin so unless there really is something to those time machine stories it wasn’t originally about Schroedingers cat, it may have been used in that context since though.
    New favourite is 'honesty is the best policy but insanity is a better defence'

    ps. Schroedingers cat is dead :)

    23 May 2006, 16:58

  6. heh, mine is 'show me a sane man and i will cure him for you' or 'i do not suffer from insanity, i enjoy every moment of it' and excuse my ignorance regarding shoredingers cat! runs away embarassed

    23 May 2006, 20:33

  7. Laura Bonnett

    New magnet arrived today:

    "Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult.

    23 May 2006, 22:50

  8. These comments have taken a rather sexist turn…...leaves disgusted

    24 May 2006, 10:28

  9. Lucy Griffiths

    Good one Laura! I get very similar ones to that on my desk calendar every day. I must start writing them down.

    Good quote: If you set out to fail, and succeed, have you?

    26 May 2006, 17:19

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