September 10, 2006

An observation

I think the title should actually read, ‘observations’ but nevermind.

Has anyone listened to the Gladiator soundtrack recently? If so, have you noticed the uncanny resemblence of one of the tracks to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack? I know that Klaus Badelt was involved in the score production for Gladiator, but did he really use the same theme in both soundtracks?

A slightly less geeky observation: drinking too much alcohol isn’t good; for the person, the people they are with and the people that are around them. To explain, a party of promers who set up their rug next to our ‘camp’ came dressed in their finery (black ties and silly dresses.) They all then consumed lots of alcohol, but one man in particular became very drunk to the level of almost being unconcious. Personally I can’t see the point, but that is just me.

Thirdly, has anyone noticed how quickly someone can sober up if they need to?

Right, that is enough philosophical views for the time being!

Bye for now!

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  1. The Rock also has a similar soundtrack, since they were all produced by Hans Zimmer’s company.

    10 Sep 2006, 15:06

  2. Juicy

    Yes, drinking, it’s such a bad thing. Personally I never drink. Ever.

    You were talking about lemonade weren’t you? Foul stuff. Give me a vodka and orange any day.

    mmm, vodka.

    10 Sep 2006, 16:16

  3. Jerzy

    You’re right. Composers do sometimes repeat themselves. I sang a Mozart Coronation Mass recently, and the Agnus Dei is virtually identical to the Countess’ aria ‘Dove sono’ from The Marriage of Figaro. Beethoven Choral Fantasia (the first solo I ever sang at Warwick!) is very similar to bits of the sung movement from his 9th Symphony. I guess if a good tune is stuck in your head, you use it again, whether consciously or unconsciously.

    And boo to the alcohol. Boooo. (Especially as I have food poisoning, am on medication and can’t drink any.) Juicy, you should know better ;-)

    10 Sep 2006, 20:02

  4. You thought exactly what my friend thought last week, before loaning me her PotC DVD and demanding I try to catch up with at least one recent film.

    11 Sep 2006, 00:59

  5. I knows what you mean, and even have that in my head now

    11 Sep 2006, 15:47

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