September 15, 2005

A minor whinge

Anyone that knows me or my room at home or in Lakeside, knows that I am a bit fussy when it comes to organisation and tidiness. I also believe that this spreads to clealiness. I must point out, that my mum is A LOT more fussy than I am about these things.

Tuesday 13th September 2005: I have been allowed special permission to move into my room at Liberty Park early and boy am I glad I have. Mum and I walked into my room (5th floor, 80 stairs up, however we have now found a lift!) and saw a very dusty, very worn room overlooking the vets with the dulcet tones of many trains close by. It was made all the more amusing by the fact that the final comment of the deputy manager was, "it is spotless for you."

Only mildly disturbed by this, Mum and I set about hoovering, damp dusting, polishing etc the room. I had been given an inventory upon arrival to fill in with regards to condition of the room so that when they come for one of the tri-annual inspections they can check whether or not I have destroyed their room. Oh, a point on the inspections, if I am not there when they come to inspect the room then I get charged as well as being charged for putting my rubbish in a white bin bag, not a black one…

Anyway, back to the point. I filled in the inventory in a very descriptive way e.g. BATHROOM WALLS = in need of paint; OFFICE CHAIR = faded, pulled, no padding and full of holes. When I returned the list to reception they glanced through and said, "that's fine."

I await wednesday with anticipation to see whether they have done anything about the 101 comments I made.

On a more positivie note for Liberty Park. The security is very good, there is a lift and my room could and will be quite nice with a bit more work.

Hopefully people's comments about Liberty Park will be proven wrong. I wait to see!

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  1. What is Liberty Park? I've never heard of it before but it sounds lovely!

    15 Sep 2005, 15:27

  2. for all the locations of these halls of residences.

    15 Sep 2005, 16:25

  3. …oh the trains…living in Earlsdon wouldn't be the same without them :o)

    15 Sep 2005, 18:34

  4. Liberty Park is bloody awful. I lived there in its first year, when it was brand-new and unfinished (it was just about finished by Easter).

    I knew the building wouldn't last as it was falling apart by the end of the first year. My chair, which looked very nice to begin with, all red and springy etc, had burst its stuffing by the time I left – all I had done was sit on it a lot, hardly rough treatment for a chair!

    The walls are paper thin and softer than the noticeboards (it's a lot easier to put a pin in the wall than it is the noticeboard), the showers are lukewarm at best as soon as the cold weather sets in and everything is generally cheap and flashy – rather like a Virgin train but not that that good.

    Sorry Laura, but Liberty Park is such a disaster there should be a law against it. Filling in the inventory won't make them fix anything as the whole organisation exists for one purpose only: shareholder value.

    Now, I might be well known for being a bit OTT on bashing capitalists (spits on learning grid floor – sorry), but all that can be discounted as far as Liberty Park and Prime Living Group Plc is concerned. The appaling things I wittnessed as a resident there were beyond belief – I couldn't believe that a public limited company in the UK could carry on its business in such a way. The women who ran the company called around in her Jag once or twice – a hateful, greedy hag who cared naught for who she upset as long as operations were in the letter of the law and profitable.

    The piece de resistance was when we recieved a notice saying that we had to pay for smoke alarm batteries and replacement flourescent light bulbs, which were failing at an alarming rate considering that they are supposed to last years. We were given the address of where we could purchase flourescent tubes (the big kitchen ones etc) and that we should present them to maintanence to fit – and that is in a so-called 'residence'!!

    Things might have improved since then, but I doubt it.

    If you possibly can, get out. If you have signed the contract, then I fear it is too late. When I was there they faced mass walk-outs because the building and management had so many problems, so their solution was a paltry refund (I can't remember the sum but it was almost nothing) and threatened to sue anyone who tried to break the contract, no matter what the reason.

    Prime Living Plc, in my experience, is the quintessential image of the unacceptable face of capitalism.

    You might want to have a look at my old Boar article on moving from Liberty Park to Heronbank:


    16 Sep 2005, 21:26

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