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September 28, 2005

Here we go again

This is probably going to be rather a long entry as I have been home alone since 2pm this afternoon and have done all the work I can. Also, my computer won't allow me to watch the Tour DVD and so I am sitting here listening to The Soundtrack waiting for a sensible time to go to bed!

Update on Liberty Park = o.k. Commuting is a pain, but it is for all 2nd years upwards so not really grounds for complaint. I have a new computer chair on order (good job really as it fell to pieces on me this morning!) I have also been issued a post box key, but am yet to receive the illusive TV licence. Beyond that, I haven't met any neighbours but there again I didn't think I would as the four rooms on this floor in this block are all the same as mine – inclusive kitchen and bathroom.

Update on course = what did I really expect?! Analysis 3 lived up to expectations in the first lecture, so the other 29 will be fun. I have a busy term what with 20 hours a week currently. But it will all be worth it in the end. And it also means that I can see people and prove that the world hasn't ended without telling me!

Update on music = Symphony Orchestra last night was very good. The Hoe-Down by Copland is excellent as is the Can-Can. I liked all the pieces really despite the fact that they are really a challenge to play! When will composers learn that flutes have real issues with quick notes in the top octave?


  • Friday evening @ 6pm in the Butterworth Hall (within Warwick Arts Centre) = First Wind Orchestra rehearsal of the term. We shall be playing a range of pieces including Music from Chicago, Irish Tune from County Derry, Music from the Incredibles…

  • Monday/Tuesday of week 2 = Societies Fair where you can sign up to be in any of the many musical societies (and many other societies as well, just show I don't too much bias towards music!)

  • Tuesday of week 2 (4th October) = FREE Concert in the Butterworth Hall at 7pm. Performances by the University of Warwick's Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and Wind Orchestra

  • Wednesday of week 2 = first flute (2.30–3.30) and clarinet (3.30–4.30) choir rehearsals of the term in the Band Room. All standards welcome.

(Well, surely I can do a small amount of advertising, I am on the exec for Wind Orchestra when all said and done!)

Right, enough of my waffle. Can I just say that if you have made it this far, you deserve a pat on the back!

More to follow – probably on Sunday when again I will find myself in my newly decorated room with only my friends Babe and Patch to talk to. It's just a shame that they can't talk back!

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