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December 11, 2005


Follow-up to oil depot fire from Kirsty's blog

ok, acording to the herts homepage. they've closed about half the schools where i live and 160 schools in total within herts.

what i don't quite get is why????
i get why closing them in hemel hempstead, that makes sense. but elsewhere???

but the worst is…....
they've closed all my local libraries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oil depot fire

i can't imagine what it must be like really nearby the depot. i live about 4 or 5 miles away and was awoken at just after 6am by an explosion and the house shaking.

Round here the most it seems to have done is; shake the house, knock people's lofts open and set off car alarm's.

it was so loud though i thought something in the house had exploded, but my dad showed me out of his window and you could see the smoke and that there was a huge fire. so we knew somthing big had happened but i didn't know exactly what it was till a couple of hours later when my parents came and told us having watched the news.

We went outside this morning and you could smell it slightly from here. its now getting brighter here, the smoke is sinking. We had to have the lights on all morning because the smoke was blocking the sun and making it just that little bit too dark not too put a light on.

i went to bed last night (well this moring) praying that no one was killed or really hurt. so far no fatalaties so fingers crossed it will stay that way.

October 31, 2005

My life again

and here is how my life has apparently changed in the last hour or so. lol

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

My life, rated

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

well here is my life, apparently

February 23, 2005

Just read it

i know its not a quote or a saying but anyway, here is a poem:

My little girl came up to me a tear welled in her
she asked me what would happen when Sam her
rabbit died.
I said we'd get a shoe box and put dear Sam inside,
then bury him beneath the swing that stands next
to you slide.
Then we'll have a party the best you've ever seen
Play party games, eat sausage rolls have jelly with
ice cream.
When she heard my story all she could say was
why wait until the day he dies lets kill the bunny

not quite the ending you expect when you read it for the first time!


Sorry, i just have to say;


we have SNOW!!!!!!!

and its supposed to be even better tomorow (fingers crossed)

February 20, 2005

HELP!!!! anyone doing APLIED ANALYSIS. i can't read the question!!

in part a) of asignment 3. what does it say where it runs off the page?

it begins; where lambda = sup |2k + u'sub n'| and

||zeta|| = ('sum over n'........?.........)^1/2

what is it summing?


February 11, 2005

Our disaster prone trip back to Coventry!!

The story of my trip:

it started out just like any other morning, i was heading back to coventry with my brother in tow. 40 minutes till the train leaves, everything's going fine, just finishing our last minute packing.
Suddenley remember we might need our tickets, i glanced at the tickets and realised that my brother couldn't leave for coventry for another 2 weeks according to the tickets. PANIC

Drove off to a manned station, to fix our tickets. tickets fixed. no more problems. 25 minutes left in which to get to our correct station. Tried to start the car, tried again. Then when the engine gave out on us. PANIC

Decide engine might be flooded, so we floored the accelerator to fix it. YAY the engine starts. 20 minutes left. Take a big calm breath and back out of the car parking space. We paused to gather our bearings and check we had turning space to leave the car park. i notice reversing lights on the car behind us and calmly told my mum to hit the horn. Mum thinks i'm joking about. Reversing lights get nearer. Slightly more agitated "HIT THE HORN". Hit the horn, no response. Hit it again and they replied with a sickening jolt and a dent in the back of our car. Are they blind and deaf?

Get out of the car and other driver begins accusingly with "were you reversing?" whereupon we reply with "no, we weren't moving, you were reversing! SILENCE

They give us all their details and we jump back in the car. 15 minutes to go. Drove to station, tried to turn the car around in the station car park and scraped the bottom of the car on ridiculously shallow indent in the floor. We need more ground clearance.

Jump out of the car and our mum now has 30 minutes to get to her next destination after she picks up our sister.

meanwhile we made it with 1 minute to spare.

CONCLUSION: Somebody high up was doing everything they could to stop us getting here.

February 10, 2005

Quote number 1

"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. "
[please do not try this at home : ) ]

my first quote. it was my brothers msn name and it made me laugh, so i thought it would start my collection.

January 20, 2005

does anyone know this book???

i'm trying to find the title and author of a book i read years ago (so its a childrens book) and i've decided to write this in the hopes that someone has read it at some point in there life (well i can hope can't i!)

anyway its a story of a girl who is involved in a hit and run accident. she ends up in wheelchair because of the accident (paralysed i think) . She is angry with her best friend because she thinks her friend jumped out of the way of the car, saving her own skin. she doesn't remember the actuall accident and her best friend has also forgotten what happened around the accident (shock)(though it later turns out that she pushed her out of the way to save her). she's angry at everyone because of what's happened to her. and she begins to discover she has telkinesis which she keeps a secret and starts practising. then she also begins to have visions,

she tells her brother not to go out on his bike but he thinks she's just saying it because she doesn't want anyone else to have fun, but she knows he's going to have an accident. which he then does.

she tells her brother about her visions etc.. and then her best friend goes missing and she uses her powers to find her.

it turns out the driver of the car was a step father or something of her best friend.

and if anywon can make sense of that jumble good luck.
if anyone has any ideas please let me know


November 05, 2004

university housing. why!!!!!


that's the question thats bugging me. last week i open my emails to discover one from the university accomadation people saying we had till today to decide whether to keep our house!

they've changed the system of getting houses; so now instead of being able to apply for on campus accomadation, and finding out whether you get a place before you have to give up your house or anyone starts choosing houses. you have to give up your house and apply for on campus accomadtion and while you wait to find out if you get a place, everyone else can take the plu houses, leaving all the rubbish ones behind. so we can now look forwards to the prospects of rubbish housing and no one to live with.

also the date u can start choosing houses is so ridiculusly early, before it was january, now first years have to decide who to live with, having known everyone else just 6 weeks. i dont think i'd even met half the people i live with 6 weeks in!

when you mention how silly this new system is to the accomodation people, their reply is that they questioned people and this was what they wanted. i would be interested to know who they actually asked! i don't think they asked any/many penultimate year students, because i haven't found one person who likes the new system, everyone is complaing.

October 11, 2004

The begining

Today is the 11th of October 2004. i have just created a blogs account, since i have an hour gap before my next lecture and the undergraduate study room is full. In other words i have time to kill. I currently have no idea how to use it or what i'm doing.

Next step: Work out how to use this site