August 06, 2006

Last ever blog!

This is probably my last ever blog as my warwick user code expires in a few days :(.
I’m currently in Poland (this bears an uncanny resemblance to one of my first ever blogs this time last year!) in an extremely tiny place called Mietne, which is near Garwolin, which is also fairly small, but does occasionally appear on maps of Poland, unlike Mietne (it’s fairly near Warsaw).
Having a brilliant time so far. There are about 120 Polish kids, aged between 13 and 16. They’re generally very friendly and very willing to just come up and talk to you, which is nice. We teach them in classes of 12 or 13. I teach 4 different classes a day for 45 mins each, which is quite good as i can do the same lesson for all of them! The most fun lesson so far was on Friday, when we got them to taste food blindfolded and guess what it was. We then asked for volunteers to taste random combinations of stuff, such as jam+sausage! Unfortunately 2 of the classes gave us horrible mixtures of stuff too – i felt slightly ill for the rest of the day!
We do various different activities with them in the afternoons – sports, debates, art, etc. I took an origami class last week, which was fine until about 30 kids turned up! I’m taking a debate this week (“Girls are better than boys”), and hopefully making scones with them at some point too. Also maybe friendship bracelets or something.
I’ve learnt a bit of Polish this time – we have a 30 minute Polish lesson every afternoon from one of the older kids. It’s sometimes quite similar to Russian which is nice!
We just spent the weekend in a little place called Kazmierz (or something!), which was very nice and pretty.
Anyway, better go now, and say goodbye to the world of Warwick Blogs!
Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

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  1. Chris Lamb

    Don't forget to get a shiney new blog and post the link here :)

    07 Aug 2006, 01:42

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