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October 24, 2009

Appeal to the People of China and Tibet

Sunday, 23 March 2008 at 15:36

By Latoya Mistral Ferns-Advani

China discipline those who poison from the inside,
They kill your children for welcoming Freedom,
This regime that you from Humanity divides
I appeal to your reverence of Justice and Wisdom!

Tibet, though I be a foreigner distinct and proud,
I am your kin in hope and a part of your vigil…
Even as hopeful songs are punished by repression loud,
Valiant hearts remain in beaten bodies which resist ill will!

Citizens of China exert your will and your motherland rule
Bow your insecure government, Censorship is your true Opium.
Have not decades of oppression acted like fuel
To overcome the enforced schismatic delirium?

Tibet with the dignity of people unconquered:
Liberation is the soul mate of preservers of Dreams.
A barren, blood soaked martyrs’ land cannot birth a Future,
Let the dew fall on pure upheld prayer flags and unsullied mountain streams

True China, acquaint yourselves with a trodden-down-reality:
Another State, distinct from your own yet steeped in twin grief,
Even in prospects of obliteration holding on to peace and spirituality,
Defiantly depriving the utilitarian sadist-thief.

The moment is rife with telltale signs,
If the struggle retains its untarnished hue
Of ridding the oppressed from malign,
Imminent is the advent of triumphs of virtue!

Await the day when you as Neighbors
In spontaneous assembly your national anthems sing,
Great Eulogies to the sacrificial patriotic labors
That inspired the Lauds of self-determination to ring!

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