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October 24, 2009


Written 2005


The night is hushed by your reminiscence
The lingering sweet divinity of your aftermath is in my memory
And the sonnet of my soul right in the midst of its epicentre
Clasped by the cherishing desire
My vision for our destiny or what it ought to be
Is but an unfinished monument of my love for you
Written 2006


I fell in Love the other day
A drowning drunk in the high seas of Angeldust
Upon me the gills of accustomed angst
Free me from the need to surface for air
To barter with the heavens for reprise, It is priceless
This new awakening proclaimed boldly that Love
Could not be but ageless!

Written 2006


Wheelless is the chariot of broken thought
Akin to tomorrow’s rayless sun
That lies in the tepid waters of stagnation
So still and quiet the once chirping bird of thought that soars no more
But who has drunk of the cursed elixir of existence
And damned to wait in listless, turbulent anticipation
How the words come tumbling out of the still dusk
Enclosed in the shell of just being
How furiously they dive into the pitcher
And cross the “all too fine” line.

Written in 2006

October 23, 2009


You the spinner of “‘shroomful” yarns
Lay suspended between death and life
Always knew that the two sides of mortality
Were much too square for you
So you evade their covetous grasps
By indulging the comatose in between!

Written 2006

This Passion

Our Passion was as the union of mud and water
The former you emulated perfectly
The latter I, though quite fallaciously acting gullible solute

Our minds were as mismatched as water to sky
Reflecting the blue lagoon of passion
Though very different in substance, degree and execution

I am as the stringless guitar
Worn and torn by the harrowing fits of feeling
I am being, restrung, this time highly, out of lowliness’ scope

You are to me as a band aid and perhaps as the scab
I have used you merely to cover old wounds
I will change you and many millions until my wound heals or you will fall off

Written 2006


Twisting and turning in the turbulence
of pseudo drunkenness,
caught in the stony hollows of untold trauma
in a realm where belonging just isn’t in scope
where life seeps through your clutches like fine dust
childhood is a lie upon foundations of illusion
fed by dream pupas who have yet to be ugly moths
your cry is stifled by the oblivion of the masses
voracious scavengers around the feast of your undoing
revenge is your sole refuge
filling the absentia of a soul
a string of sorrow and the portrait of a heart
like a pendent pierced
change like a chameleon
like that lump of worthless clay that forever changes
and retains none of its identity
your world and individuality cease to matter
die within to escape the swamp of your existence
your god died in 30-something AD
pulse beats acrimony
mere existence is suddenly distasteful even in others
you are a shell to be possessed
eager to please you wallow in excrement
closing your nostrils to odious rejection
your intention stuck on a hook
lose yourself in its hypnotic beckoning that is sadistic
and you the masochist beg for more blood to spill
a place beneath a grave stone
away from the despising daggers
that bring you to your knees
a wolf gobbled up by sheep in a twist of fate
your lament is heady, engulfing you in hatred
which affords you strength
you the weakling swallow it eagerly
brave the aches,
you shallow martyr
you are inducted into the fellowship of only yourself
faked dignity afforded by your shallow defiance
clawing at the barbed wire walls
with tearing nails of resolve that break away
to expose the vulnerable bloody flesh
of your hidden sensitivity
the herd now is more appealing
your pride is peeling away like last decade’s paint
just as a painter who paints himself away
too war weary to confront those overwhelming rumors
poison so easily concocted by those
who are gratified daily by your crucifixion
pray to a godless world
for the cease of every painful heart pang
in a directionless destiny
where even stars burn out
the only release afforded is holistic Death
from this the parody of pain

Written in 2006

October 2009

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