November 10, 2009


Tuesday, 09 December 2008 at 22:34
Lover’s rewards are salt crystal cheeks
Bitterness the romantic’s destination
Spend eternities in sets of weeks
Inconsolable unto sublimation

In molecules of mute frustration
In shadow creases of the Mask
A bitter penalty for elation
The thirsty die but never ask

If I were to drift off like wood on a stream
And you were to cease like some perfect dream
The beasts would go away

Where Echoes Do Not Reach

Tuesday, 09 December 2008 at 22:33
Inner sanctum
By sound Untouched
Archaic phantom
Tangle of the sublime

November 09, 2009

Bacchus– A Song

Tuesday, 09 December 2008 at 22:10
The warm ashes after the ember
Distill through my soul
Butterflies rise from my thighs
Can young wine be mixed with the old

I knew I had to chastise you
For finding Yore goddess in me
Nausea overwhelmed by euphoria
Orientation lost, converse reality

I’m preparing myself for ‘ein gebrockenes Herz’
But I need to hold on to Maya, I’m not strong enough
To pawn my sense of sublime for that ethical stuff
Before I can plunge from you, from titan to Weltschmerz

You are the trophy from those fervent hours
And I the glue for a myriad of trampled glass
The perversity of the tradeoff of time
You can scarcely be mine, made to unrhyme

Cacophony waits for what euphony’s left over
I have to let go till someday of my still green clover

Atoms of My Apple

Tuesday, 09 December 2008 at 22:09
I spied you upon the wind
I knew it was you
Bright as tin in the din
It couldn’t be otherwise

I felt you upon the road
Your brows in the streams of knowing
I smelled you in the reeds
I heard you breathe

I saw your art
Upon the cobwebs
I’m a martyr
To a satyr
I’m yours despite of me

Disrobing the Dark

A shadow seen in coveting haze
Intrigue does its trail emblaze
Heart impaled on a shard of hope
Clamor for contracting scope
It comes nearer, ever nearer
Vain infinity be stripped, you are covert monotony
And attachment ‘gainst content sordid mutiny
Infatuation is a wild catharsis from seeing the self burn
As then to tumultuous deeps must turn
Stand before the ember of rare acceptance
It dismembers grief and the curse is renewed.

Despite Us

09 December 2007 at 22:15 | Edit note | Delete
The gutted soil retains misplaced capillaries
The Corpuscles mingle with forever
And lament the approaching of that
Which never will possess them in ecstasy
The lions of age and superimposing
Will not allow their roar to diminish
The Lord cannot them conquer
Their medium is fossilized in the rise of breached immortality
The weak persist, engraining the minds of their mortal but fertile kind
My heart is tainted, mirroring only your ugly exterior
And yet the soul trumpets till justice is conceived
Announcing the prince before the eggs are blessed
My love, the barriers are more formidable than the distance
The doubts within myself more poisonous than the death absence brings

The Last Stroke

Tuesday, 09 December 2007 at 22:20
You whispered poison, slow and vile
And raped my will and penetrated my existence
Burdened me by your smile
Unwanted yet admitted by your persistence

Age endows the villain with great craft
And guillotines the newly blooming
With precision the doom drafts
Tills the path consuming

Did you in folly thirst for my obsession
A marionette in this bitter scheme
Or did you connive my possession
And against Grace blaspheme

Vinegar to my lips the prospect
And spices in my eyes
Preservation is merited by a girl’s respect
Yet convention withstands not passion and dies

You are the mould in which I fit
I am the rib you offered
Yet society smears our union with grit
Perfection is prisoner, scorned and mired

My love, geography has us crossed
And lust targets us, Cupid is fleeting
If our connection is not lost
Other forces plan our defeating

Yet I cling to your dear phonemes
Limited by my sex’s vulnerability
And pray this chemistry is not a treacherous dream
A recurrent inevitability

I need you to speak clear in a language we both heed
To say, Alles habe ich dich versprochen
In convincing word and unambiguous deed
Gather the sorrows and cherish even what is broken

I am fatigued by this vicious compromise
I make with a Provider who miserly formed the joke
I have to live by, cold comfort in becoming wise
I hope a flicker of truth He has finally stoked

Every molecule have you stolen
Every electric impulse have you hindered
To orbit around you till you have bidden
To by your rage be splintered

O Thief of time
Object of discontent
You cannot divine
My devotion’s boundless extent

Alchemical Destruction

Sunday, 07 December 2008 at 21:51
Lust so beatific
Rhymed deed
Reality’s the mystic
Life from deadened seed

The prayer in skeptic hour
Yes, we grieve in dirge
The seconds eroding the flower
Repulsion before the merge

The doubt that lodges in arteries of surety
Chokes us till we be devotees of the atmosphere
The virtue distilled from iniquity
Beauty born of a monopoly of fear


Pieces of Paper From Long Long Ago I Was Going To Throw Away 07

Be they footprints across the sand
Or fingerprints on arid land
A voice that thunders on stirring minds
Or whispers behind window blinds

The charasmatic statesman who moves the crowds
Or the busker brewing in drunkenness loud
Beneat the willow a grieving child
Or the mindless maiden mild

Value evades, estimation lies
For all are born, value dies
As sure as the Mistral ravages France
Their breath unite in existence’s trance

Alles Was Gestern Passierte

Sunday, 23 November 2008 at 10:15
Ich habe nun ein gebrockenes Herz
Neulich aus dem Olymp zu dreckig Weltschmerz
Ein Angebot mit dem Zeitgeist
Aber alles riecht nach Ungleichheit
Ich tauschte Himmel gegen gesellige Hölle
Ich konnte mich es nicht ertragen,
Auch in meinem Elfenbeinturm

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