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November 09, 2008

Tunnel Vision and a Loss of Innocence

Silently, he thirsts for this fall from grace

While innocence blossoms in his wide eyes

Just tell yourself kisses shock, fingers grate

And still in quiet minds I wonder why

Celibacy drips like milk from his hands,

From his fingers. Lips are clean lacking mine.

I mind his scent, covet his heart and

Quietly corrupt his beautiful eyes

With tales of longing in distant lands.

I tell him in verse, don’t play with fire

You’ll burn and spoil your softness, your skin

But to feel his mouth warm, stuttering, shy

Is delicious as nature’s breathless sin.

How I want to break this, such dangerous

Chastity calling, enticing me in.

The need for preservation shackles us,

Me, but it burns thickly smouldering black

In my throat, now growing tumultuous.

But nature took advantage of my lack

Of forwardness and want in infant days

She scaled his body, traced like a map

She was his ruin, I can’t count the ways

I’d scorn her and how she lined his body

With wicked puberty, manhood and pains

Growing, hair scattered like rusted money

As childhood crept out from his slack throat

With octaves purged, stalked and hunted

Like vermin, now he is all I want, show

Me thicker allure in another part

And I’ll bear their thorns, my veins tighten, oh.

Turn away as I lay siege to his heart.

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