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October 29, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is

Cold warmth is my favourite smell,

Rough, fierce tenderness

And it's forgiving me;

Holding naked bloody flowers

it arranged like a jigsaw

For me, through me,

On the table I once touched and knew.

I opened my heart and it told me,

You told me, at home I will always find

Flowers and faces, forgiveness

In my favourite rooms.

But I loosened my ties and I fled.

I have broken a perpetual sky,

Depth shattering the eyes of God.

Still standing, its hands now follow a luck-strewn pavement,

Bending amiable street lights into spiders' legs

That throw bright silk at the shadows, at the walls

My shadows, my walls, cupping my house.

And this smacks of life, so it said

If this is where you want to be,

Come outside.

But I can't when walls and windows

Are locked as my winter throat.

Though powerless, I smile and know,

No need to look inside to see

That this is where I want to be.

October 22, 2008

Ankle–High Haiku


October 19, 2008




Oh, goodness, sweet freshness,

Dragged in, thrown out,

Dragged in, thrown out,

SMASHing chattering teeth

Whilst I'm picking, picking, picking his scabs

With curious nails, splintered nails.

Don't you take them from me you invisible wretch, jealous wretch,

With your snakes and your slaves and your sorrow and your-

                                        Stop it! Stop it!

Eyes, ears, eyes, ears, ears, eyes,

Bloated with cotton wool

And flaking skin


Won't you wait a while, my ravished lungs are burning.


October 16, 2008

All Saints

Sometimes I watch him falling

When crippling hearts draw blank and dismiss, wavering,

Uncertainty an insult to insanity, coating his mind in beautiful dust.

And sometimes when they go up in flames, I find I am the only one

To crave, with envy, this humming scaffold of madness.

October 15, 2008



So I just realised I've actually posted 2 poems today and I haven't written a single thing otherwise! It all seems very unfriendly.

I spent a long time fussing over what to call my blog. I wanted something profound in the top corner; I'm hoping something amazing will come to me soon. I've also discovered that I find it a lot easier to write outside. I'll be doing that more often.

I saw a tree today and was immeasurably inspired to write my haiku.

I'm probably going to go to bed soon. I like this, it's like a stream of consciousness. But a little more disorientated!

More writing to come!

... Hopefully!

Ciao. xo

Woodland Children

A tangle of wooden childrens' limbs are in my way,

Please, forgive me if I spread you out on the forest floor,

If I flex my heels, splay my heart and strain my toes through your

Humble mistakes. When all I wanted was my pathway.

They suck my skin like glass, man-made but beautiful,

A paradox, their grasping fingers falling through my outstretched arms,

Blind fumbling for myself amidst their silent cries and helpless palms

But I cannot return to them when love is null.


Mother Earth sips from my crunching keys

Inside a piano, the evergreen hands of God

Shyly tuned by brooklime beetles

For eternity, immortality in her heartbeat.

October 2008

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