May 19, 2006

Which is more environmentally–friendly?

Using a couple of paper towels to wipe your hands dry


Blowing them dry using a blow-dry machine for a few minutes?

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  1. Just leaving them to dry off, shouldn't take more than 30 seconds :)

    19 May 2006, 15:19

  2. Only 30 seconds? Mine take much longer. And I don't like to pull open doors leaving wet handles.

    Which brings up another bugbear of mine: toilet doors opening inwards. Completely illogical, in my opinion.

    19 May 2006, 15:35

  3. I can use my feet to operate door handles.

    Also, there's usually a handy Mat Mannion or Nick Forrington nearby with jackets you can dry your hands on.

    19 May 2006, 15:39

  4. That is an impressive and useful skill to have, indeed. Perhaps you would be willing to share some tips?

    And, one could dry one's hand on said persons, but that assumes they are in the toilet with oneself. Rather more difficult when one is in the Ladies'...

    19 May 2006, 17:45

  5. I mean that you leave the toilet area having washed your hands, then go hunt down your nearest friend.

    19 May 2006, 19:18

  6. and the trick to using feet to operate door handles is learning to balance well, the actual manipulation of the handle is fairly easy

    19 May 2006, 19:19

  7. If you can't locate a handy friend/you want them to still be your friend, I recommend wiping your hands on your jeans. :)

    Not on nice trousers, though. They don't like it. :S

    19 May 2006, 21:24

  8. Andrew: But, in order to leave the toilet area you have to overcome the inward–opening door, which is where my issues start… :0) And, I think I can manage the balancing (I'm quite good at balancing on one foot – been mistaken for a flamingo a couple of times), it's the handle manipulation that gets me every time.

    Jill: In desperate times, jeans are indeed handy, but if they are light–coloured one runs the risk of many a disapproving glance.

    20 May 2006, 14:34

  9. Paper towels. Definitely.

    20 May 2006, 18:04

  10. Err, didn't read the Q, ha ha. Wiping dry on your trousers, I'd say.

    20 May 2006, 18:08

  11. From Googling the average hand dryer, it seems they run at 220V and about 6 amps – thats about 1000 watts at 0.8 power factor.

    Drying your hands for 15 seconds therefore consumes 15kJ. At an electricity rate of 6 pence per kWh that means the price of 15kJ is £0.00025 or 0.025 pence per dry.

    A roll of paper used in one day will cost more.

    28 May 2006, 22:04

  12. And yes, I have finished my exams and am bored.

    28 May 2006, 22:05

  13. Surely, it takes more than 15 seconds to dry your hands?

    Sadly, unlike you, I do not have the time to check your calculation… ;0)

    However, assuming it takes 150 seconds, that's £0.0025 per dry.

    A Tesco value toilet–roll pack of 4 cost £0.40, so saying that one roll gives you 200 sheets and you use 2, that's £0.001 per dry.

    Maybe paper towels cost more? Probably not more than double the price, though. Then you want to factor in the environmental impact of disposal (if not recycled) and the plastic paper–towel holders. Then there's also the plastic outer covering of the dryer and its parts. What happens when they need to be replaced?

    Then again, you are probably not THAT bored. :0)

    30 May 2006, 12:33

  14. Chris May

    Google thinks that hand driers are quite a bit more efficient / eco-friendly, but probably not as effective

    02 Nov 2006, 16:34

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