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October 09, 2006


Stamm, Rudolf, ‘The Theatrical Physiognomy of The Spanish Tragedy and Hamlet’, English Studies Today (Fourth Series), eds. Ilva Cellini and Giorgio Melchiori, (Roma: Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 1966), 137-58

Reprint in The Shaping Powers at Work (Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1967), 11-32

Also reprint in German as ‘Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy und Shakespeares Hamlet’, in ‘Hamlet’-Interpretationem, Wege der Forschung 214, ed. Willi Erzgräber, (Darmstadt: Buchgesellschaft, 1977), 462-87


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Stamm, Rudolf, ‘The First Meeting of the Lovers in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’, English Studies, 67.1 (Feb. 1986), 2-13


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