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September 28, 2006


Erne, Lukas, ‘W. E. Burton’s Dramatic Works of Thomas Kyd of 1848’, Notes and Queries, 44.4 [242], (1997), 485-7


Link via University of Warwick Library (Oxford Journals Online Archives)


Erne, Lukas, ‘Enter the Ghost of Andrea: Recovering Thomas Kyd’s Two-Part Play’, English Literary Renaissance, 30.3 (Autumn, 2000), 339-72


Warwick Library


Erne, Lukas, ‘Thomas Kyd’s Christian Tragedy’, Renaissance Papers, (2001), 17-34


Beyond Warwick Library


Erne, Lukas, Beyond The Spanish Tragedy: a Study of the works of Thomas Kyd (Manchester: MUP, 2001)


Thomas Kyd: life, education, works, complete works, critical studies; The Spanish Tragedy: origin, sources, editions, editors, additions, adaptations, stage history – directors, productions, critical survey;
Kyd’s works: Don Horatio, First Part of Hieronimo, Soliman and Perseda, Hamlet, Cornelia, apocrypha;
Elizabethan plays, playwrights, theatres, life, publishing, history


Ardolino, Frank, Review, Early Modern Literary Studies 8.2 (September, 2002), 17.1-20

McCabe, R. A., Review , Review of English Studies, Volume 54.216 (Sept. 2003), 525-526

L. L. Bronson, ‘Review’, Choice, June 2002

Emma Smith, ‘Review’, Times Literary Supplement, 3 May 2002, No.5170 (Factiva)

Reviews excerpts


Warwick Library PR 2657 E7

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