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September 28, 2006


Braunmuller, A. R., ‘Early Shakespearian Tragedy and Its Contemporary Context: Cause and Emotion in Titus Andronicus, Richard III, and The Rape of Lucrece’, in Shakespearian Tragedy, eds. Malcolm Bradbury and David Palmer, (London: Edward Arnold; New York: Holmes & Meier, 1984), 96-128


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September 26, 2006


Braunmuller, A. R., ‘“Second Means”: Agent and Accessory in Elizabethan Drama’, in Magnusson, A. L. and C. E. McGee, eds., The Elizabethan Theatre XI, Papers given at the Eleventh International Conference on Elizabethan Theatre held at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, in July 1985, (Port Credit: P.D. Meany, 1990), 177-203


drama, treatment of legal agency, study example Kyd, Thomas – The Spanish Tragedy , Greene, Robert – Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, James IV, Shakespeare, William – The Two Gentlemen of Verona


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