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September 28, 2006


Crundell, H. W., ‘The 1602 Addition to The Spanish Tragedy’, Notes and Queries, 167.5 (1934), 88


Link via University of Warwick Library (Oxford Journals Online Archives)


Buckley, George T., ‘Who was “The Late Arrian”?’, Modern Language Notes, 49.8 (Dec. 1934), 500-503


English literature 1700-1799, Strype, John (1643-1737), Memorials of Thomas Cranmer (1694), prose, treatment of Arianism, relationship to Kyd, Thomas (1558?-1594?)


Link via University of Warwick Library (JSTOR)

Who was “The Late Arrian”?

September 19, 2006


Full Title

‘The Spanish Tragedy’, in Elizabethan Plays:written by Shakespeare’s friends, colleagues, rivals and successors, to wit: Cristopher Marlowe, John Lyly, Robert Greene, Thomas Kyd, Ben Jonson, George Chapman, Thomas Dekker, John Marston, Thomas Heywood, Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher, John Webster, Thomas Middleton, William Rowley, Philip Massinger, John Ford, and James Shirley / edited, with new texts based on the original folios, quartos, and octavos by Hazelton Spencer, (London: Macmillan, 1934)


Warwick Library PR 1263 S6

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