September 21, 2007

Mission statement for Blog

What are blogs for? People seem to have various opinions: some use them primarily for feedback on creative work, whilst others to report on current events and provoke discussion on bigger issues such as politics or issues of faith... This blog is going to be little different, although what it will be is hopefully:

  • Regularly updated
  • Often illustrated 
  • Occassionally needlessly controversial 
  • Crying out for feedback

I never really got into the blog scene as an undergrad in anything more than a hopelessly erratic and self-interested way, as I am way too much of a perfectionist for this kind of instant-culture, but am trying to resolve this as a post grad. To set the ball rolling, the next two posts will contain not entirely fully formed and potentially controversial opinions on news articles/ current events.

I will also be posting work in progress from my upcoming novel project 'Purgatory College' which poses the question 'Which is harder to get into - Heaven or Oxford?' and records the experiences of four girls interviewing at the fictional Purgatory College. The section I am working on currently is 2. The Gospel of Mary. Mary was abused as a child and thinks she is having a sexual relationship with Jesus.

Feedback/ comments on all posts greatly appreciated. 

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