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January 31, 2012

Ellie's Blog Review

Eleanor Hobday's EAL task focused on the book 'Elmer', which I felt was an excellent choice. It is well knwon by most British children, and Ellie rightly said that the repetition within the book would aid children with EAL. One thing which I had not thought of before was the idea of the celebration of individuality being a key point in the book which would help those feeling isolated. This made the text selection an even better choice than I had first thought!

Another positive from her task is that the three task show a clear progression across the quadrants. They are varied both in nature and in difficulty and yet all tie in nicely together, which is hard to do! So well done, I really liked the ideas and will definitely steal them if the opportunity arise!

EAL task

Text selection – Language has a rhythm to it, and introduces the idea of rhymes and subtle changes to words completely changing the meaning. Lots of repetition to help reinforce language ideas. Can guess ending!

Clear illustrations, can show where he got the ideas from to change the shopping list from what it was to what it is. They add meaning to the words being said.

Shows an experience of shopping in Britain, but possibly outdated – can lead to a discussion. Gives experiences of outside space.

Not particularly challenging ideas, but has plenty of language which is challenging for EAL

Year 2

LO: To explore and create rhymes.

PNS Literacy Year 2 strands 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Quadrant A

Create a shopping list in groups, comprising food which is taken from cross cultures – write it in both 1st language and English, and other children on the table can write the food names in the other children's home language.

Quadrant B

Acting out the shopping in the role play area – different areas on playground, walking along and speaking it out loud, but having to remember the shopping list! Try to remember some of the changes in the list by having pictures taken from the book around, e.g. Six Fat Legs near six farm eggs.

Quadrant D

Try to find a recipe (using books or internet) which contains food they like – either British or Home food. Create a rhyming match with the words, similar to the book, but not the same – i.e. you cannot use legs to rhyme with eggs.

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