October 20, 2004

who rules the world

now before you dismiss this as guff let me asure you there is absolutely
some vital evidence tha may be neglected to be nmentioned here but alas it
probably is somewhere

first a question
what is the one thing that toppled thje french monarchy? some people may
fool you into thinking that it was poverty or such nonsense, how ever th key
lies in the famous line

"let them eat cake"

quite clearly this is the Evidence that suggests that Cake is indeed the
primary influence for causing the toppling of the french monarchy, dont
beleive me, offer some person you knwo some cake and suddenly their
personality will change, thoroughly influenced by the POWER of CAKE

lets see how far the conspiracy goes-

WHo owns the major cake companies lets say
Otis Spunkmeyer, Coombs and The daddy mack of them all Kipling

Hold on whats this O S C K or possibly SOCK!
yes indeed people the great CAKE conspirators DO OWN SOCKS!
THink About it WHo protects the Sock- its the shoes!
now consider the further evidence
Addidas, Nike, Reebok etc THe biigest shoe firms in The UNIVERSE!
But closer to home who is in the POCKET of every sho firm on this planet,
ONLY the most influential people to OUR YOUTH of TODAY- thats correct SPORTS
THe CAKES hold the influence

But surely they donthave the govenrment?
Well consider this EVERY GOVERNMENT army in the WORLD wears-thats correct,

NOT only do they have the INFLUENCE but ALSO the FORCE!
take your shoes off for a moment (SHOES!) and what do you have on? SOCKS-
they already have us in there control, WHY ? because they ALSO control the
weather (why else wear socks)

this warning was created form information collected/made up
by Kunal and Ed

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