November 27, 2004

Soul Nation and all that.


I have just come back from a truly most excellent Soul Nation (drop it like its hot….) Dancing away like some crazed alcoholized lunatic (cos thats what i was) having an absolutely mo-fo-ing great time. You dig, dear reader?

Just wanted to give a few Shout outs to those that came and made it bloody brilliant- in no particular order (apart from who comes into my head first)

Bhav- the man the legend, possib-lie the nicest guy ever.. and almost probably the biggest soul nation fan ever. period.

Jogia-San, and Riks- Kick ass bros makin their way down from Lie-Sest-ER – Jogua also stayed sober(ish) makin sure everyone was okay

Karen- Quality chick, nice person, stares off into space at random intervals- but i think shes okay.(it was also her birthday Soul nation- with cake!- more below) [also laughs at some of my jokes which is always positive]

Ying- Super Duper Cake Maker Extrodinaire-made Karens Birthday cake, with help from ohter chaps who i cant remeber- kinda nutty which is always a bonus and also super nice host, with cheese and beans toasties (with some help from Jogia-San)

CJ- Hehe, cos she remembered my name.

Ricky- Nice Dude- said i look like Halifax guy, which led to Ying (and everyone else) to sinfg"WHo giives you extra" all night. Thank you kindly Sir(!)

Alice- for speaking to me at 7 in the morning, when she probably just wanted to go back to bed. (i was awake, cos i couldnt sleep, and i happend to be reading a WHSmith catalogue on the staircase, when Alice woke up to get some water)

AND there are probably a ton more people Who added to a great night.

I got wasted, didnt think about V. once, Was Tons happier, and realise that the past was a total fuck up, So heres to the present and future Daddi-o!

DOLPHINS RULE!!! they have magic powers and ive seem them in real life (not a show- but in a natural habitat) in wales of all places!



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  1. bhav

    thanks man!! much apreciated:D

    28 Nov 2004, 21:20

  2. mayur

    kunal i agree it was the best nite out i have had in ages and i hope everyone else enjoyes themselves like to say thanks to bhav and ying and co for putting up with me and of course the cheese toasties with beans ( which i dont usually like were great) thanks again guys see ya next time!!!

    28 Nov 2004, 21:44

  3. mayur

    oh and kunal its good V wasnt thought of at all coz it would have put u on a downer V is outta here!!!!

    28 Nov 2004, 21:46

  4. V

    V. interesting ;)

    02 Dec 2004, 01:53

  5. Me: Kunal

    HEY who art you mysterious V- i seriously doubt that is ur email addresss cos GAHHH the mystery at 5 in the morning is mashing up my mind

    02 Dec 2004, 05:15

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