October 20, 2004

snails 2

*okay firstly sorry about going on about it but if ya want just delete it,
else read on, also if you might be offended by any thing ever dont read*


Okay this hass been bugging me WHAT is the bloomin point of snails? I mean
man they are sooo lame . i figure i t must have gone something like this,
'the creator of all living things'(tm) lets call it TC for short- must have
a soft spot for slugs. let me explain, what follows is how a conversation
might have gone

TC- darwin, mate i aint got a clue, i got these slugs right, and i
really like em slugs but they too slow! they get eaten by birds!
Darwin- why dont you make em faster?
TC- nah cant do that mate already given em super intelligence that would be
damn unfair, cant have things being unfair can we Darz man?
D- okay how bout you give them a protective shell that also works as their

And for a while slugs roamed around with three bedroom semidetacheds on
their backs, which stopped the birds, until everyone realised, the slugs
couldnt move to catch their sole prey- plants- they were just damn
inconveniant and thus we have slugs with smaller shells, snails
they still get eaten by birds but who cares?

By the way If snails so smart how come you always end up with roses
diein cos they got tons of holes, but the garden is still as weedy as ever?
Another sign that they hate us

Apologies RANT OVER


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