October 20, 2004


Snails are not very nice are they? Icky n Slimy eww

Theory Okay try this walk accross the your room or any pre difined distance.
and time youself. Just a wak will do no runnig here please. So what kind of
time did you get,, faster than the speed of light? possibly not but the time
is unimportant.

Now try this Walk accros the same distance only this time think about
reciting the alphabet backwards in your head while you walk accros this
space. and time it again. Notice something different? Your time should be
slower than previously.(unless you already know the alphabet backwards in
which case there was no THOUGHT process and you my friend are a crazy kat)

SO whats this got to do with anything? THINKING WHILE WALKING = SLOW WALKING
a simple equation, now if you consider the alsphabet rudimentry what about
if it was quantum physics or something equally nasty, would you walk slower
still? im thinkin YES

Snails- they walk quite slowly WHY? they are possibly the lamest animals in
the world next to earthworms, in terms of general lameness, they do very little
get crushed on wet dark nights and mess up your garden, and move really
slowly. SO they must exist or have survived for some reason right??
(the fact that the food they go after is stationary at best is irrelavent)

Lets say walk speed is proportional to hardness of thinking, thsi would
imply that snails are thinking all the time! AND at that speed the thoughts
might not JUST be of Quantum Physics but EUROPEAN LAW for example at the
same time. THey coukld do our exams in a snatch- BUT THEY WONT

WHY? because i am under the impression that they are very pissed off at
their public image, why should they help 'the oppressive human'? SO there we
go PISSED OFF LITTLE GITS living in your garden. enjoy

By SnK

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