February 14, 2005

a tribute to Valentines day

As this wonderful day approaches its conclusion i feel it right to write a tribute to this wonderful day byt writing a sequel to one of the best known romantic plays ever written.

here we go the wonderful Romeo and Juliet 2Sound(tm)

Romeo- i still love you
Juliet- i still love you
R-hows your side of the coffin?
J- Hmm its a bit cramped
R- i believe my side is more cramped than thine
J- No no no dear For it is I with the more cramped side of the coffin
R- would thy like to trade?
J- to witness thee in an even more cramped side of the coffin would break my heart
R- your heart rotted away weeks ago
J- i meant metaphorically, Dear
R- indeed, hey would you like to play eye spy? by the way did i say i still love you?
J- yes you did, dear, and I still love you… but i donot want to play eye spy.. it is too dark in here
R-good point dear. Hey it was nice of them to put us near each other after we topped ourselves, right we get to spend an eternity together.
J- the joy…
R- i sense you are not pleased with spending an eternity with me..
J – yeah well.. it was fun when it was all that "my only love sprung out of my only hate" stuff.. but now its a bit.. you know.. meh..
R-oh you break my heart..
R- yes metaphorically dear.. i still love you, you know..
J- yeah.. whatever.. you know i suddenly feel like killing myself again..
R- aww poo.


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  1. kiz

    yo Kunal!
    your blogs are awesome!!! I am in awe.
    it is i who is at the physics computer room at some obscene hour in the morn!
    Get some sleep!!

    17 Feb 2005, 00:29

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