July 26, 2005

Endlich mal wieder geschafft

I have been planning to update my news for some time, but never actually managed, partly because I always forget how to access my blog. And to present myself in the right light, it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to make a new entry. But well, it's probably just a bad day. I mean i've already broken a machine today whilst trying to detect DNA on a gel. As i extracted the DNA myself it's not very likely that there's any present at all anyway, but we'll see. Anf for anyone who ignorant of my present location of preference, I'm in Berlin doing some work experience. And I think if I really manage to learn form all of my mistakes i should become a brilliant scientist.
Apart from this I'm preparing my room for Laura's (Finnish) arrival, who will exploit my endless goodwill of heart and settle down in my room in order to save money (and probably/hopefully drag meto quite a lot of parties).
I have the feeling that this is starting to become a letter already (the speed of my typing always amazes me). So, just a short appell to Jordi: If you decide to go to New Zealand, you'll happen to visit a much nicer country with much nicer weather and probably millions times nicer people, but you'll miss the chance to speak one of the most fantastic languages in the world (apart from Catalan), which would be a shame, because I really wanna leanr how to say 37 past 4 in Catalan or whatever you say in this random language!
Oh and Stuart, don't be too harsh to your summ school students, just remember how difficult it seems to be to get to work SOMETIMES.
Wish you all really nice holidays,
bis die Tage

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  1. Na hallo du :-) It's great to get a personal mention! Glad to hear that everything is going smoothly for you in Berlin. DNA machines are over-rated anyway.. break one for me while you're at it. I'm back from my travels now – Stuttgart was sooo nice, but I have to admit I don't really see the attraction of Cologne! Of course, die schoenste Stadt is still to come… one day I'll be blown away by Muenster!

    I'm ashamed to admit I didn't learn too much German while I was there… though I now know the story of Max & Moritz. I think that more than compensates! I also now have Nicole's greatest hits album…

    Pass auf Dich auf :-)

    PS. Maybe you can tell the kids not to be too harsh on me?! hahaha

    27 Jul 2005, 22:23

  2. Hiya Erika! :-) So when yesterday we chatted on MSN I had no idea about this post in your blog! Well, now you know I'm coming to your beloved country at the beginning of August, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances to practise this fantastic language you're talking about… ;-)

    Btw I just had the final exam for my German Summer course… so I guess this bastard was quite happy with his unanswerable questions! Anyway, everyone's face expressed the same horror as mine, so hopefully I'll pass it… Oh yeah, and 4:37 in Catalan is "dos quarts i mig de cinc", which means something like "two and a half quarters of five" definitely the first thing you'd think of! ;-)

    Hope you people are having a good time, trying not to break many more machines or many children lol ;-) See ya soon!!!

    J xxx

    PS: I recently knew I'm gonna be in Warwick from the 22nd to the 26th August. Anyone around?

    28 Jul 2005, 12:20

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