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August 25, 2005

"Der Schwarm" – Schwärmerisch

5 out of 5 stars
I decided that I should really write a review about books, just to show how well-read and intellectual I am.
So here's the first one. To all non-Germans maybe not the most well-known title or book. i don't know if it's been translated.
For all biologist the best book to read ever. Ok maybe not that essential, but definetly a lot of science stuff in it. And nearly all of the 1000 pages are worth reading, os nothing for people who "just want to take up a book".
Oh and the title isn't talking about a teenage hero, but the school of fish or whatever stupid name there is for a group of water-animals!
Oh, and it's written by Frank Schštzing.

Berlin, Regen ist ein Segen

I just finished work, correction I thought I had finished, when I found out that the data Iíve used is probably slightly wrong blablablaÖ.At least I wonít get bored during my last three days here, though come to think about it, I canít say that copy-paste in Excel is the most exciting thing ever.
Today, by the way, is a very important day, as itís now definite that weíll have general elections in Germany in Sep. It might be obvious to most people who Iím gonna vote for, but I really donít know, since I donít trust any party of getting us out of this slowly creeping ruin.
Jordi, thanks for your brilliant idea, Iíll give it a go. By the way, my Mum says hi. Thank you for the post card. She really loved it and is even more eager to meet you now that you have even two languages (if not three) to communicate. Thanks to you she learned the always useful ending ďishĒ!

My ďsoon becoming Super-Model friend AngieĒ is in Berlin, which is a great pleasure, especially as I got a MŁnster update, which unfortunately wasnít as beneficial as donít seem to have been a lot of changes recently. Time for me to come back I guess! Hope Angie will make it, because weíre gonna go to a Capuera (I really hope thatís how itís spelled, but then by now everyone should have noticed that inventing spellings is one of my favourite hobbies) training tonight, which is this dance where you pretend to be fighting. Hopefully our coordination wonít be too bad, otherwise I fear that Iíll have to carry my suitcases home myself.
Oh, I havenít actually informed anyone about my new hairstyle, yet. At least I had a really nice woman this time, who didnít threaten to cut of my whole head to ensure that such horrible hair will never get the chance to grow again. Though I have to say that she used her scissors rather freely, but then I didnít actually discourage her. I should really put up a picture before my hair is gonna get into its natural messy state again.
OhOhOh, very important. I finally managed to watch the video clip to ďDie Eine 2005Ē and I think that his finance is actually quite good looking, maybe I should get some glasses or decide to wear them or the crew responsible for the make-up did a good job! But then it doesnít really matter how she looks like anywayÖ
And Charlotte, as saving the world hasnít proved to be working out quite yet, I took up another challenging mission in trying to invent an exciting life here. Hope youíre Museumís doing well and hasnít been the location of a popular Northern Irish event, yet!

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