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November 21, 2005


Hallo alle zusammen!
It's time again for an exciting new entry! Since my life has been rather vivid recently there's loads I can actually inform you about.
First of all it's of course the pleasant visit of little Stu, which meant that I had the chance to go to the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham again and have some heavily overpriced Gluehwein and Bratrwurst. Good fun! And I think I actually started to like the taste of Gluehwein. Oh, but the highlight of the visit was obviously that I finally managed to execute Marie Antoinette with her "let them eat cake" card!!! Oh Herby, in case you're reading this, the game is callled Guillotine and really good fun to play (in case you are looking for a Christmas present for you to dump on other people), no it's a cool game.
Then I saw Steward Lee in the Atrs Centre yesterday. A comedian in decline as he called himself, which I do have to agree with. I mean not that I've actuallt even seen him in his height, but he was rather disappointing after a good start. The worst thing about it all, I suppose, was that I missed Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate factory because of that. Admittedly he isn't really that good looking (a bit white and slightly mad) in the film, but true soul relatives (Seelenverwandte) are able to see through all the make-up!!

Apart from that we apparently are currently facingthe coldest winter since 1960 or something. But, as you would expect, there's no snow anywhere, only frozen vegetation. Tztz. though it's quite sweet to see all these ducks walking across the water/ice rather than swimming in it. But that strangely enough reminds me somewhat of Jesus, which in turn makes me recollect some of the "jokes" I heard yesterday by the comedian in decline. Well, there were more comments than anything esle, since picturing him throwing up into Jesus' mouth isn't exactly funny, I'd rather describe it as slightly vomit causing itself and simply pointless. And I actually thought it was only his manager that lacked some manners while he was sitting on MY stewarding chair in the theatre though I explicitly told him that in case of an emergency that was my place to be (no I obviously didn't sine it would have been a lie anyway), but he was sitting on this chair nevertheless with his feet (plus shoes) on the chair in the row in front of him and using his mobile phone during the show! i'm sure comedian and manager get on magnificently, topping each other in thier rudeness! And if i may just point out, this opinion comes from a person that isn't exactly famous for her non-rude behaviour herself!
So, enough complains now. Guess I have to make up for not having been able to go to the SSLC meeting last week, where i would have had the chance ot get rid of all my troubles and complains.
So, hope everyone is enjoying her/his day! Oh, and as I'm concerned about everyone's well-being, please if you haven't done so already, buy a scarf and hat and maybe even gloves. There are too many people constantly being ill at the moment and to diseased to spend time with a lovely, caring friend!
Gute Besserung und alle Gute!

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