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September 17, 2005


After having told half of MŁnster everything about my private life yesterday due to a little mistake with the "answer all button", I feel that I might as well tell the whole world about it, or at least anyone who can be bothered to have a look at my blog.
Unfortunately I have to admit that I'm not intending to repeat everything I've babbled about in my mail, it actually still makes my turn pink but what can you do.
Well, maybe some Amsterdam feedback instead. Really great city unless you despise sex and drugs, of course. In that case you should make sure that you never ever set a foot into the "older" city part. The only good thing is that if I ever decide to study in Amsterdam I wonít have any problems to fund my stay. Provided I donít spend the money in the coffee shops next door. I think one day Iíll buy a house boat there. Have I actually mentioned that we wen camping there? On an island 20 min form the centre, very good location, though when I say island, the whole city is more water than land it seems. Quite nice as long as you donít happen to have to sleep in a tent when Armageddon-thunderstorm is above your head that makes your hair go white and panic completely. But apparently I have just been irrational!!
With my Mumís friend, whoís hospitality we relied on after the end of the world weather, we went to some typical Dutch bars, which in fact resembled very much the typical German karneval bars, though there were some significant differences. The stools, for example, are always made out if red leather and the tables have some carpetish-covers. The music sounded pretty much the same and I understood as much as I usually do with German karneval songs, makes you feel homesick really.
Well, that was Amsterdam. Now Iíll have to face my trip back to Warwick! And, of course, the general elections tomorrow. I could tell everyone who Iím gonna vote for now and at the same time make some advert for that specific party, which would encourage those who read this and like me to copy me!!! But then elections are supposed to be secret. Plus if you still donít know my political position the you should really think about spending some more time with me again!!!!!

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